Yo Whatsapp V7.70 Download Latest Version For Android {2018}

Yo Whatsapp

Today I am going to tell you about a new version of whatsapp that you can use and hardly knows about it. Its name goes like Yo Whatsapp. This apk has soo many advanced and more user-friendly and reliable features that you can’t even imagine. Once you use Yo Whatsapp I can say very profoundly that you will never ever use the normal whatsapp ever in your life.

With so many missing features that normal whatsapp does not tap into, Yo Whatsapp provides more to the table and get it fixed.

This apk is available for all Android devices. even if you have a rooted android device, then also you can download the Yo Whatsapp apk to enjoy its coolest features that it has to offer to its users.



What Will You Learn Inside This Post?

  • What is Yo Whatsapp?
  • Features of Yo Whatsapp
  • Where to download this apk?
  • How to install Yo Whatsapp on your android device?
  • Ending words.

what Is Yo Whatsapp?

In simple words, Yo Whatsapp is the best alternative to the official whatsapp that do not provide as many features as Yo Whatsapp does. It can be downloaded on any android device. You can use dual whatsapp ie. You can run 2 whatsapp accounts simultaneously even not only on official whatsapp but on all kind of whatsapp mods. One will be your official whatsapp account and other will be your Yo Whatsapp account that you can have.

Some people also refer Yo Whatsapp as YOWA and if you are the one too then you have landed on the right page to seek more information about Yo Whatsapp or YOWA. If you are seeking more moded whatsapp versions then you can download as many as you want . for example Yo Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus etc.

Developer Insight:-

This Yo Whatsapp apk has been developed by Yousef Al Basha. Due to the name of the developer this apk is also termed as “Yousef Al Basha Yo Whatsapp”.

Also, have a look at- GB Whatsapp , GB Instagram,AB Whatsapp and MZ Whatsapp.

Yousef Al Basha YoWhatsapp apk info:-

  • Version name: 7.70
  • Application size: 46.45 MB
  • Application name: Yo Whatsapp
  • Root required: No
  • Last updates: 17 November 2018

13 Dynamic Features Of YoWhatsapp:-

  1. No forward icon image while forwarding the messages through yo whatsapp
  2. Swipe to reply messages.
  3. Enabled group video calling
  4. The forward limit increase for Indian users only.
  5. Record without keep pressing the record button:-  Pressing hassle for the record button has been fixed. no necessity to hold the record button you can swipe your finger upwards for hassle-free recording.
  6. Call blocking:- block the individual whatsapp call or choose who can call you on whatsapp with this Yo Whatsapp latest version 7.70
  7. Set wallpaper on your whatsapp home screen. why just the chat screen.
  8. If you are bored with the regular and default whatsapp theme then you got to get YoWA 2018 version, that will help you get more than 1000 themes to download and even customize your own theme. As with every update, new themes are being introduced.
  9. Privacy:- Hide online status, blue ticks(message read), recording status, double ticks and much more.
  10. Anti-ban- you need not worry about being banned if you run 2 whatsapp accounts the other being on your Yo Whatsapp. Send messages without any word limit.
  11. APK locker:- One more good thing about this apk is that you can apply app lock without any third party apk locker. You can put a pin or passcode as your password.
  12. message anonymously to anyone:- No limitation or compulsion to have the number of that person that you want to send messages to. Send messages to anyone.
  13. Media Sharing:- You can send high definition images to anyone and videos of up to 700 MB to anyone using Yousef Al Basha YoWhatsapp.


Yo Whatsapp

More features :


Yo Whatsapp

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Themes Example:-


Yo Whatsapp



Yo Whatsapp


Yo Whatsapp video tutorial 


src :- Techonation.

How To Download And Install The Yo Whatsapp 7.70 Or Yousef Al Basha Yo Whatsapp:

Downloading and installing YoWhatsapp apk is very simple and you can download it the same way you download GB Whatsapp or Instagram or any other whatsapp mode.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the apk from here:-

with emoji changer/variants

without emoji changer/variants

Step 2:- After finish downloading install it on your device and open the Yo Whatsapp apk.

Step 3:- Provide your number for verification.


Yo Whatsapp

Step 4:- Choose the country and enter your phone number. you will get an OTP to verify your android device. You have successfully installed YoWhatsapp after OTP verification.


Yo Whatsapp


Step 5:- You are done. enter your name and profile picture.

Step 6:- Then click on the 2 dots given in the right hand above the corner and click on Yo Mods and you will find the number of different features provided by the latest version of Yo Whatsapp.


Yo Whatsapp

Use this apk and you will instantly find major differences between your normal whatsapp and Yo Whatsapp.

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Ending Words:

YoWhatsapp v7.70 is the latest version of  Yousef Al Basha Yo Whatsapp or Whatsapp with more advanced and new improved features. You can even enjoy having more themes (customizing themes also available) and privacy options on this apk. Though there are available a lot of more whatsapp mods yowhatsapp tops all of them in the chart. When you will download YoWhatsapp 2018 you will be getting the complete 2018 latest version package of YoWhatsapp.

If you have ever used this tremendous apk then please share your views in the comment section below to connect with like-minded people. Remember that you should only download the latest YoWhatsapp version to enjoy more controlled features of that particular apk. Enjoy using this apk and stay tuned with LatestStuffUpdates for more such tricks like this.

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