WhatsApp New Update: Same WhatsApp Account To Run on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp Multi Device Support


WhatsApp Multiple Devices Update

Recently, it was reported that instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is working on multiple device support feature. Now, Facebook-owned company has started rolling out the registration notification feature for iPhone users, taking steps in this direction. Currently, a user can log in his account on a single device only.

As the name suggests, the user will be able to get login alerts through this feature. This alert will be received if someone else tries to login to your account. This privacy feature is currently being rolled out only for iOS users. If someone tries to login your account, WhatsApp sends you an alert saying, ‘Whatsapp registration code has been requested for your phone number.’

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Use Same Whatsapp Account for Multiple Devices

With the new features, you can use the same accounts on multiple devices at the same time, such as social media accounts. At present, WhatsApp Web is a method that allows WhatsApp to be run simultaneously on both PC and mobile devices. However, for this the primary device needs to be constantly connected to the Internet and after that only the messages of that device are reflected on the web version.

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The Most Popular Chatting App

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It has 1.5 billion users worldwide. The company claims that 60 million messages are sent daily on WhatsApp. This company was taken over by Facebook in 2014. The company also launched its web version after this, so that users can use it on their personal computers. Despite this, users have not got the option to use the same account on many devices.

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