Whatsapp Disappearing Messages Feature to be Rolled in New Update

Whatsapp Disappearing messages update

WhatsApp Disappearing message Feature      Every now and then you get to notice a new feature in your favourite messaging app, Whatsapp. WhatsApp is set to bring some really cool features this year. These features have sometimes been seen in the beta version of iOS or Android. WABetaInfo, which tracks the upcoming features of WhatsApp, has consistently spotted new features. Among the new features that WhatsApp will bring to its users, Disappearing Messages will be very important. This will change the way we use WhatsApp. It is believed that this will be the biggest feature in WhatsApp next year.


Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature in Beta Version

This feature was spotted in the beta version of Whatsapp Android App (v2.19.275) in October this year as Disappearing Messages. Then in November this feature was seen in the beta version (2.19.348) of the app as Delete Messages. Both the times it has been noticed that this new feature of WhatsApp will work for group chats and only a group administrator can enable it.


Delete Messages in 6 Options

Recent updates have revealed that the Delete Messages option will appear in Group Settings and will have options like Edit Group Info, Send Messages and Edit Group Admin. In the new feature, administrators will be able to choose how long to delete a message automatically. According to the screenshots that are running around on the internet about this feature, 6 options will be there (off, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year) to delete the message. Also, note down that the October  Whatsapp update showed an option of deleting messages 5 seconds or 1 hour.


iOS Users Too Will Notice This Update

Whatever option an administrator selects according to the latest update, it will be applicable to all the members of the chat. This means that users will not be able to select the expiry time for a particular or individual message. The delete message feature is currently seen in the beta update of the Android version of WhatsApp. This feature is also expected to be available to iOS users.


Well, it is believed that unlike the delete for everyone feature which used to show a message, ‘this message was deleted’. The new Whatsapp Disappearing message feature will not leave any trace of the message. It will completely disappear from the chats as if it was never sent 🙂


So, this was the latest Whatsapp update news. We hope that this Whatsapp self destructing message feature will be rolled out in the public App version soon. What are your views about the Whatsapp self destructing messages feature? Will it be a good or a bad option? Stay tuned with LatestStuffUpdates

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