WhatsApp Introduces WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature for Android users

WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature Update

WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature Whatsapp has come up with a new Call Waiting Feature for Android smartphone users.  With the new update of WhatsApp, users will get call waiting feature. As the name indicates, when the user is talking on a call on WhatsApp, they will get an alert for the second call on WhatsApp. Instead of disconnecting the second incoming WhatsApp call now automatically, the user will also see two options, the first Decline and the second End & Accept, with the user receiving the alert.


This new feature of WhatsApp is now available for both Android and iPhone platforms. Recall that this feature was rolled out for iPhone last month. The call waiting feature available with the latest WhatsApp update is available for both beta and stable Android channels. This feature will let you choose which one do you want to continue. You can end the present call and attend the second one but can not keep the calls on hold as it is the case in normal calls.


More About WhatsApp Call Waiting Feature

Before the Whatsapp calling feature update when Android smartphone users received a WhatsApp call in between another WhatsApp call, another Whatsapp call used to get disconnected on its own. After that you could see the missed call notification after the call disconnects. But with this latest WhatsApp call waiting update, users can now choose an incoming call while they are on call with another person.


But now after the update, users can choose whether they want to take another incoming call or not. As we told you that on the second incoming call, the user will see two options on the screen, first Decline and second End & Accept. If you click on the Decline button, you can keep talking only on your first call. But if you clicked on End & Accept, your first call will be disconnected, so you will be able to talk on the second call.


Apart from call waiting, the updated group privacy feature is also being rolled out with the new WhatsApp update. For this, you have to go to Account> Privacy> Groups in the Settings menu. The new stable and beta WhatsApp update’s changelog also mentions that the new update is coming with fingerprint lock feature support. You can also enable this feature by going to Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock.


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