Virat Kohli’s LookAlike Saurabh is As Busy As Virat Kohli | Know Why?

Virat Kohli duplicate star

Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world. He is not only the king of the Cricket field, but his fan following off the field is excellent. But these days, Virat’s duplicate is trending a lot. His name is Saurabh Gade and Saurabh looks exactly like Virat Kohli

Saurabh, a resident of Yelwadi Dehu village in Pune, is a junior engineer in the JCB company. In terms of popularity, he is no less than Kohli. Saurabh is also known as ‘Virat of Dehu’. Whenever he moves out people gather around him mistaking him as Virat Kohli.  Hundreds of people gather there wherever Saurabh goes. People take selfies with him.


Saurabh Gade | Virat Kohli LookAlike

26-year-old Saurabh Gade belongs to the Army family. The father has been in the Indian Army while the mother is a teacher. He also has an elder brother who is studying medicine in Russia.

Actually, Saurabh first came in the headlines when a local MLA from Pune got a picture of him this year. At the time of the election, the MLA offered Saurabh an election campaign. When he got into the election campaign, people understood him as the real Virat Kohli. Thousands of people gathered at the rally to see Saurabh.


This rally changed the life of Saurabh Gade. The fan following of Saurabh has started increasing overnight. Wherever he used to go, he used to race for a fans selfie. Today Saurabh has become very popular not only in his village but also in cities. In cricket competitions, he is invited as a chief guest. He has started receiving advertisements from many companies. Saurabh has also done a photoshoot for a local textile manufacturer as a brand ambassador.


Saurabh Gade


Saurabh says that friends in college used to tell him that you look like Virat Kohli. A friend had sent my photo to the MLA from Shirur. Soon after, the MLA offered me an election campaign.

Virat Duplicate Saurabh


Today, Saurabh has got everything because of Virat Kohli, but till date he has not met Virat Kohli. He missed the opportunity to meet Virat during the India-West Indies Test match played in Pune last year.  Saurabh was waiting for Team India’s bus that when Mahendra Singh Dhoni looked at him, Saurabh expressed his desire to meet Virat, but by the time he reached the team bus, Virat had boarded the bus.


Virat Look ALike

Whenever Saurabh goes to the stadium to watch matches, the work of policemen increases. During the match, spectators surround him for a selfie while he is sitting on the stands. The cameraman repeatedly focuses on Saurabh.

From today, the second Test match is being played between India and South Africa in Pune. During this, Saurabh will be seen sitting in the stands. This ‘Jabra fan’ of Virat can be seen being captured in the eyes of the camera.


Source: IndianExpress


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