How to Pay Your Traffic Challans Online: Traffic E-Challans Payment

How to pay traffic Challan through Paytm

Traffic E-Challans Payment: After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Act, now the owners of the vehicle are not only renewing the documents but also taking PUC certification. Traffic police has become very strict nowadays and they are heavily charging traffic violators. People are now looking for ways to fill E-Challan Payment online as well as finding official ways to show documents online to the traffic police.

Today, through this article, we will provide you information about how you can do your E-Challan Payment online and how the status of Challan can be tracked. It is worth noting that traffic e-challans in different cities and states have different websites for online payment.

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How To Pay your Traffic Challans or Fine Online

1) First of all, the e-challan website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The thing to note is that the site was not working properly on Google Chrome during use, in which case you may have problems with Chrome, so try to use it in another browser.
2) After opening the e-Challan website, go to Check Challan Status.
3) There will be 3 ways for checking the status, one is the moving n0., another is the vehicle number and 3rd is the DL number of the vehicle.
4) If you get a valid e-challan, then you will see a downward trend, along with the option to pay.
5) On clicking Pay Now, your state website will open for payment.
6) You can use your credit/debit card or internet banking to pay the e-challan.

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How to Pay Traffic Challan Through Paytm

In this section, we will explain how to pay traffic fine through Paytm.

1) Paytm is another option to make traffic challan online payment. Paytm App and website support E-challan in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Faridabad, Maharashtra and Telangana.
2) To pay traffic E-challan for these cities or states, open the e-challan payment page on Paytm (either app or website).

E-Challan Payment with Paytm: With the help of Paytm, e-Challan can also be filled

3) After this Paytm will give you the option to select the respective e-challan authority, select the authority and proceed further
4) After this you have to enter your Challan number, vehicle number or driving license number to see the e-challan.
5) If you get an e-challan, all details will be shown on the screen

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If you do not see the option of e-challan payment, then visit the e-challan payment website of your state or city. So, this was how you can pay your traffic Challan Online through Paytm or Debit/Credit Card. Stay tuned with LatestStuffupdates for more such Tech news and updates.


Image Credit: Paytm

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