Snapchat Launched Aging Filter Like FaceApp [ Full Story ]

Snapchat Aging filter


Snapchat Age Filter Launched    Tech enthusiasts keep bringing new things to entertain people. This year FaceApp was launched with an aging feature. This app created panic all over the world within just a few days of its launch. This app has been downloaded millions of times in a few days. Not only this, users had made many posts on social media using the aging filter through this app. Like FaceApp, leading video and photo-sharing platform Snapchat has also added an aging filter named Time Machine. Using this filter, users will be able to add aging effects to their photos and videos.


Snapchat has also released a video of this feature from its official social media handle. In this video, a young user creates the face of every age with the help of this feature of augmented reality. At the same time, after viewing the picture from youth to old age, the video shows the picture from back to old age to youth. Through this feature, users can create their faces according to each age. We bet that snapchat users are going to love this feature a lot. And the best part will be that they will not need to use some other app to make funny old faces.

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Snapchat has shown the aging journey of users using the Augmented Reality (AR) feature. Aging can be shown by morphing the user’s original image through this feature. Earlier, the company had added a Baby AR filter with the help of which users could see themselves in Baby form. Not only this, the company has also added filters like Gender Swipe to the app.


Snapchat currently has 13 million daily active users. Despite the constant challenge from Instagram, Snapchat has succeeded in connecting its users. Talking about Instagram’s filters, the image of users is being made brighter in this. At the same time, TikTok is also providing different filters to its users. Using these filters, users’ photos and videos are even more expressive.


So, this was all about the Snapchat Age Filter. Hope you found the post useful. Stay connected with LatestStuffUpdates for more Snapchat App Filter updates and news.

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