Top 5 Road Technologies To Save Lives

Road technology:- Road technology and new scientific ideas have been the greatest help to mankind(pedestrians and drivers). Talking about road transportation, road accidents have increased dramatically this year. Due to which the highly efficient and advanced road technology is a need of the hour. There have been a lot of solutions to road accidents and one of the major solutions to it is to employ the tech ides like advanced protecting road technology. solving this issue with road technology is a great idea manifold. And looking at the road accident data this year, the advanced, latest, intelligent and innovative road technology is required to keep these scenarios in control.

So here is the list of top 5 most advanced, the latest and highly intelligent road technology ever built by mankind.


Introducing at the first place in the list of best Road technology, the tope inteligente or smart top from Mexican company victor VO. This road technology is a smart speed bump designed to offer safety solution in school zones, pedestrian crossings and more. Initially developed to slow down drivers who don’t respect the posted speed limits, the smart tops first line of defense is its ability to detect the speed of approaching vehicles. If the driver is at or below the speed limit the smart top will lower itself just before the vehicle passes over it but if the vehicles are exceeding the speed limit the speed bump will remain its upward position to encourage the driver to slow down. That should get their attention. A special traffic signal alerts the drivers whether the obstacle will descend or remain up, in addition to its main function the smart top remains up for all drivers when pedestrians are crossing the street, in areas where vehicles need to stop at a certain point before preceding the speed bump rises to a greater height. It is capable of a few other functions for particular scenarios. The smart top added a measure of safety where its needed most.


Road technology


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Acquiring second place in the list of best Road technology, check out the BIV intelligent speed bump. This road technology is an extremely high-tech solution for slowing down speeding drivers. Speed bumps are designed to slow down speeding vehicles but they can also adversely affect slower drivers, with the BIV those who respect the speed limit finally getting a break. The BIV is filled with a substance called non-Newtonian fluid that posses some amazing properties, when undisturbed it behaves the same way as any fluid but when receives an abrupt impact the fluids particles realign themselves and turn them into a solid. When this fluid is used within the structure of a speed bump, vehicles traveling at a reasonable speed won’t cause the fluid to stiffen as a result they’re able to roll over the bumps smoothly. For vehicles traveling at higher speeds, the fluid immediately hardens on impact and gives the driver a somewhat jolting reminder to slow down. The BIV speed bump is covered with an environmentally-friendly plastic that’s resistant to aging, ware, vandalism and unfavorable weather conditions using the sciences of chemistry and physics good drivers can keep on rolling. It is one of the advanced ai technologies in the world.




This is the EROADARLANDA an amazing road technology project designed to power and recharges electric vehicles by injecting electricity into the roadway. it is a dynamic process and an advancement in the ai technologies world. Originally conceived by a Swedish company, always as a way to power electric cars, the EROADARLANDA is now a cooperative project between always and the Swedish transportation administration. The system transfers energy to an electric vehicles from an electrically conductive rail embedded into the road. The vehicle includes an added movable conductive arm which receives power by remaining in contact with the rail at all times. Instead of using passenger vehicles, the EROADARLANDA project has chosen to use commercial trucks after successful tests using a modified truck on a short track. The EROADARLANDA project now employs a newly modified electric postal truck. The truck currently runs on 2 km of rails installed in a 10 km test track located between Arlanda airport cargo terminal and the city of more rose’s berg, once the remaining 8 km of rail has been installed the truck will actually begin delivering creating the electric roads of the future the EROADARLANDA is contributing to the universal goal of eliminating the burning of fossil fuels forever.




This amazing road technology acquires the 4th place in the list of best Road technology. We Introduce the ETI roller system, innovative south Korean road barriers. This road technology can save countless lives in roadway accidents, though guidelines are a common sight in the world’s roadways they are often the week and ineffective. All too often fast-moving vehicles can break through or flip right over the rail. Rail made of plastic rotating barrels installed within a special aluminum structure. The ETI roller system helps keeps vehicles in a way normal guard rails can’t duplicate. The ETI roller system works by converting the kinetic energy created by a vehicle’s motion into rotational energy button impact. The plastic barrels roll in roughly the same direction as the trajectory of the vehicle after moving momentarily moving forward along the barrier the vehicle is then moved into a safe direction from the edge of the the repeated crash test the roller system demonstrated better shock absorption than other safety barriers by minimization the damage to both the vehicles and the barriers, incidents of rollovers, laying, jumping and leaving the roadway were greatly diminished. Already tested In Korea it’s hopped that ETI roller system will soon appear in Europe and the USA. It is one of the advanced ai technologies in the world.


Road technology

Technical breakdown:-


Road technology



This road technology gets the 5th place in the list of best Road technology. Roads can be actually built using the plastic waste material. Introducing the mr6 asphalt additive from British company macrebur. This road technology has been developed by British council and construction engineer Toby McCartney. Mr6 makes asphalt road surfaces stronger, more durable and less expensive to produce. While working with the plastic recycling industry in India McCartney observed workers using melted plastic. refuse to repair potholes and already seriously annoyed by the numbers of huge potholes outside his home, McCartney and two of his closest colleagues developed a process of mixing plastic refuse with a substance called bitumen. Which resulted in the form of mr6 pellets which add incredible strength to normal asphalt. The team was soo confident in their creation they entered it in Richard Brandson’s virgin boom 2016 competition and actually won riding high on the acclaim created by its victory. Mr6 is now used in asphalt roads and streets all over England. Facing the incredible yearly expense of pothole repair, perhaps more jurisdictions will consider using mr6 with the immense damage that potholes do to your tires and suspension system .We’d all be eternally grateful.


Road technology

As for the road safety is concerned, these road technology discussed above are the best highly advanced and latest road technology ever built. These road technologies are one of the main solutions to protect and ensure smooth working and maintenance. If you like the article comment under the comment section to keep us motivated to bring such informative content.


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