Red X Lab creatine monohydrate : Genuine review, results, dosage, usage

Red X Lab creatine

Red X Lab creatine monohydrate: Everybody in the bodybuilding world or even a casual gym goer is aware of what creatine is and what results is it capable of giving. But if you still do not know then do not worry we will walk you through what creatine is( one of the most researched supplement ever), how does it give the results it gives, what are the different types of it, review Red X Lab creatine(It has proved itself for this spot), what are its side effects and who all can take it and when.

Red X Lab creatine

To start off with what creatine actually is and what makes it such a popular bodybuilding supplement in this industry you need to know that this boy is even found in a natural state in various meats, chickens, fishes and another nonveg food item that you use and are out there. Creatine is also produced naturally in the human body. People would say if we get creatine from these foods and we consume these foods regularly then what special is it that we need to take it as a separate supplement in our stack. So to dive deep into this topic we need to answer some of the most asked questions on it to ease the explanation.

Red X Lab creatine

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What is creatine supplement?

Creatine has been a staple in the world of bodybuilding and health and fitness industry for a very long time though it has been a non essential amino acid. This supplement is one of the most researched and studies supplement out there. Well, in normal words a creatine supplement helps to increase lean muscle mass in the body, look bulkier, gain weight, increase lifting stamina and endurance for other athletes provides an immediate supply of energy and increase overall body strength (all this proven true through different scientific studies). All these benefits are packed in one bottle of creatine and if used sense fully it can be the greatest supplement you have ever bought.

Red X Lab creatine

How does creatine work?

Creatine is stored in the skeletal muscles to provide quick ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) so as to ease our way through rigorous high-intensity training, weightlifting, sprinting, powerlifting, running and many other sports by providing the strength to the muscles during the workout when we burn and torture our muscles. In particular, if we see in case of building lean and quality muscle mass, creatine helps store water or facilitate “Water Retention” in the muscles to give them that round and fuller look. As more the muscle, more is the circumference of muscle hence you can lift heavier weights and for a longer period of time. It gives you the stamina, endurance, strength and focus you need during your workout or training sessions. It sets up into your system in 45 – 50 minutes and provides instant energy in your weight training sessions.

Red X Lab creatine

Even if you have never used this supplement before you will get to see good results within 3 to 4 days of usage even if you take 5 grams of it daily and more of visible results in 2 weeks. This is a fast acting supplement and if you go for loading ie. taking 20 grams of creatine(1 scoop of 5 grams) per day for 4 days and then start your maintenance (5 grams of creatine per day) after that, you will see prominent and visible results faster. But still, if you do not want to do the loading phase then you can also skip it and still see the results in 2 weeks. There is no hard and fast rule. Though the window of 5 to 10 grams of creatine per day is sufficient and safe but not enough evidence is there to prove that loading is bad or good. So to ensure long-term safety start by taking 5 grams of it daily for a month or a month and a half and then stop for another 1 month. Both methods give you the equivalent results but former gives you these results faster than what the other method will. But still, it depends upon the user.

Different kinds of creatine:-

  • Creatine monohydrate ( most researched out of all )
  • Ethyle ester
  • Micronised creatine
  • Tri creatine malate
  • Liquid creatine
  • Buffered creatine
  • Creatine HCL

Review on Red X Lab creatine monohydrate

To say we all know that whenever we look for creatine we often look that what and how well does it get mixed with glucose( liquid sugar) and in normal water. Its mixability is a prime factor to determine how well will it also get absorbed in the body. And after using this creatine supplement by Red X Lab creatine monohydrate we can say that its mixability even in normal water is really magnificent. As you should take creatine with some sugary drinks like Gatorade to get best results in the performance, we would say that this supplement stands up to the mark in terms of mixability. But remember, better not use it with drinks that have caffeine in it or other carbonated drinks

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For the results, we used this supplement for 1 and a half month regularly ( 10 grams per day ie. 5 grams pre-workout and other 5 grams post workout) and the results were massive. One of my clients said that this Red X Lab creatine has helped him increase his bench from 225 pounds to 275 pounds in 1 and a half months of usage and his overall strength on other lifts have also increased. So performance wise this is one of the best supplement out there.

Red X Lab creatine

The Red X Lab creatine monohydrate is very refined ie. no need to shift to micronized creatine as this product is highly refined and highly mixable with both water and drinks( sugary drinks like juices for better mixability).

so to give rank numbers to it , it will go as follow

  • Improves Performance – 8/10.
  • Mixibility – 9/10
  • Results – 9/10
  • Bloating – 4/10

So this was our review on Red X Lab creatine monohydrate . We would reccomend this product to athletes who are looking to gain strength, stamina, speed, size, endurance and power . If you have ever used this product do let us know in the comment section about your experience with it.

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