How to Stop People From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups Without Your Permission

How to stop people from adding you to Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp has become one of the most popular messaging apps. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has many features. Interacting with your friends, families, and colleagues through the instant messaging app has become easier than ever. Whether sending a text message or sharing photos, videos, everything can be done with WhatsApp. Business meetings are now being held on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Group is also one such feature of this popular messaging app. People create groups on WhatsApp and share jokes, photos, memes and news, audio and video in it. However, at times this feature seems annoying. Sometimes you get upset with the spam and forwards in the group. However, there is also a feature to mute the group, but it is also a problem to see a lot of notifications after opening WhatsApp.

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Many times it happens that you get added to many WhatsApp groups without being asked. WhatsApp notifications coming to these groups on their mobile phones cause problems. Today we will tell you the feature of WhatsApp that you can prevent an unknown person from adding you to a group. Keeping in mind the privacy of users, WhatsApp has released this feature. Now you can choose whether you want to add to a group. Wanna know how to protect yourself from getting added into a group without your permission?


How to Protect Yourself from Getting added in WhatsApp group

We will tell you a step by step process to do it. We hope that it will help you to solve the question in your mind: Is there any way to stop people from adding me to their WhatsApp group?

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Step 1: Open WhatsApp first. Make sure that you have the latest WhatsApp version to use this feature.

Step 2: Now click on Settings.

Step 3: Now tap on Account. After this, go to Groups after Privacy.

To be added to the WhatsApp group, the default is Everyone On.

Step 4: Click on Groups. Here you will be asked who can add you to the group.

Step 5: Now according to your option choose ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Contact’ or ‘My contacts except’
the name of the person.


So, by following these steps you can stop people from adding you to Whatsapp groups without your permission. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones so that they can also avoid various spam WhatsApp groups. Stay connected with LatestStuffupdates for more Whatsapp tricks, hacks and tutorials.

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