Odd Even Formula To Start Again in Delhi from Nov 4

Odd Even Formula in Delhi

Odd-Even Formula in Delhi:  Delhi government is ready to plan to run vehicles on an even-odd formula basis for 12 days in the capital from Monday and 2000 additional buses have been installed for this. Metro will also make 61 additional trips for the convenience of passengers. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a review meeting with senior officials. He asked the officials to ensure that no one is inconvenienced under the even-odd scheme.


According to the government, advisories have been issued to cab companies like Ola, Uber that prices should not be increased during the scheme. Auto and e-rickshaw drivers have also been asked not to charge extra fare. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday admitted that there is some confusion about vehicles carrying school children during the scheme. However such vehicles would be allowed to ply on the basis of trust. The same will be the case with vehicles carrying patients.

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How Will Odd Even Formula in Delhi Work?

Apart from the issue of school children vehicles, experts and some Delhiites criticized the government for the poor condition of the public transport system, the ban on CNG vehicles and the exemption given to two-wheelers.


“There is some confusion about school children vehicles,” Kejriwal told a press conference during the notification of the scheme. Schools open before 8 am and we believe parents can return before 8 am. If they go in the afternoon to pick up the children, then we will allow them on the basis of trust. The same will be the case with vehicles carrying patients.

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However, some parents expressed apprehension about the faith-based system. One woman said in this regard that there should be more clarity in this matter. How will the traffic policeman know that you are a parent and are leaving the child and returning from school?


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