MZ Whatsapp V22.50 APK: Latest Version Download{2018}

MZ Whatsapp

MZ Whatsapp: Whatsapp has been our lifeline. Though there are a multiple file sharing and media transferring apks and platforms Whatsapp ranks top among off of them. It is a free messaging app for Android and smartphone users. The best part about using WhatsApp is that it provides so many features such as video calls, group calls (only for 4 persons), media transfer(images – 30 at a time), and audio file transfers..

Nevertheless, necessity is no longer the need of human beings. Living in this modern and advanced world somewhere we require more and more and we don’t settle for good but for best. We need more out of whatsapp than just what normally it has to offer. There are a lot of mods out there for the users to take advantages of more (quantity wise) features and better user ability. For example given: GB Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp, AB Whatsapp,  MZ Whatsapp etc. Even there is a mod for Instagram too: GB Instagram.

Most of these mods have mostly the same features but I would definitely say, more than the normal whatsapp. So in this post, I will walk you through MZ Whatsapp (one of the best mods for whatsapp available). But before that, I would give you the handy list of all the latest Whatsapp apk mods.


MZ Whatsapp


List Of Some Of The Latest Whatsapp Mods APK (Still Updating).

  1. No whatsapp.
  2. gb whatsapp ReMod edition.
  3. Yo whatsapp v7.70.
  4. GB Whatsapp V 6.65.
  5. JiMods whatsapp.
  6. Royal whatsapp.
  7. GB Whatsapp transparent.
  8. SA Whatsapp.
  9. OM Whatsapp.
  10. NS Whatsapp.
  11. FM Whatsapp mod.
  12. Geek Whatsapp mod.
  13. Royal 3D Whatsapp.
  14. Wash mod.
  15. Hike mod.
  16. WAMODS.


Before you use any of these apk mods you need to remember that you are not using any official whatsapp mod or any official whatsapp associated whatsapp mod. This being told, all of your numbers will get stored in the base of the developer (who has developed that mod) and he/she can extract it anytime. So beware before you start using it as you are not anonymous.

MZ Whatsapp APK Description:

  • VERSION: 22.50.
  • DEVELOPER: Sheikh Michael Zuetter.
  •  DATE MODIFIES: 26-08-2017

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Note Of Benefit:

All of the previous version errors that you may have faced have been detected and fixed. For example, the irritating update message has been removed. It also now supports the new audio and video connections. This all is now also supportable on new Android devices such as S8, Note 5 etc.

Features Of MZ Whatsapp:

  • Base update: 2.17.262.
  • You can now even lock individual chats,
  • The new feature of fingerprint lock as on the chat lock and apk lock too.
  • Enabled new callinmg UI.
  • More stickers enabled.
  • New themes and more themes.
  • Change the icon theme and icon colour.
  • New fonts.
  • Language translation such as turkish, portugese and more.
  • The new album features have been enabled.
  • As they also say it reduces network usage.
  • Its emoji changer variant’s size reduced to 44 MB form 60 MB.
  • Gorgeous icon colours available for the users to choose from.
  • Pin more than 3 chats.
  • New chat screen colours available.
  • New style emojis and read tick styles in different colours.
  • And more.

More Features:

Video: MZ Whatsapp:

M❤Z Letter WhatsApp Status, Images, M Z Name, Pictures, M-Z Letter whatsApp status video.

src: Angel Jaanvi

Some Of The Themes Offered By The MZ Whatsapp:

MZ Whatsapp


MZ Whatsapp


                                                                                    blue theme

MZ Whatsapp

                                                                                     orange theme

Download the latest MZ Whatsapp apk mod: here

How to download and install MZ Whatsapp:

Downloading and installing MZ Whatsapp apk is a very simple task and you can download it in the same exact manner as you would you download GB Whatsapp or Instagram or any other whatsapp mode.

Step 1: Download the apk from the above-given link.


Step 2: Once you finish downloading the MZ Whatsapp you can install it on your device and open it. And this will appear when you open it.


MZ Whatsapp

Step 3: Then add your number in the fields as in the image below.


MZ Whatsapp

Step 4: Choose the country you want and enter your phone number. You will get an OTP to verify your android device. You have successfully installed MZ Whatsapp after OTP verification.


Step 5:- You are done downloading and installing. Now enter your name and profile picture.

Step 6:- Then you can click on the 2 dots given in the right hand above the corner and click on MZ Mods to find the numerable different features offered by the new latest version of MZ Whatsapp.

Last words:

This apk mod of MZ Whatsapp is more than beneficial for features geeks and comes handy with better and features and user ability. So comment down below if you ever used any of the whatsapp mods above. We will appreciate your comments.

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