Mia Khalifa About to Marry in 6 Months Due to This Reason

Mia Khalifa Marriage Date


Mia Khalifa, who has said goodbye to the porn industry after becoming a big name in the adult film industry, has decided to marry. Mia was engaged to her boyfriend Robert Sandberg in March this year and it was then decided that they would marry in 2021. But now something has happened that Mia has pre-married her marriage. Mia is now going to get married in the next summer in 6 months. On getting a wedding date earlier, many people started to question whether Mia is pregnant? In such a situation, Mia has given clarification on this too.


Mia Khalifa has left the porn industry. She herself shared the news of her engagement with her boyfriend Robert Sandberg on her Instagram. With this, her wedding plans were also told to the fans. Now Mia has told through a tweet that according to the plan, she is going to get married in the summer of next year, not in 2021. Now they have something going on to plan their wedding in such a short time.


Mia Khalifa Wedding Date

Mia Khalifa Marriage DateTo Be Announced Soon



However, a few hours later, Mia herself tweeted and said, ‘No, I am not pregnant. I am just molding my personal life according to his (fiance) career timing.






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