How To Link Multiple Bank Accounts in Google Pay [ Easy Steps ]

How to Add multiple bank accounts in Google Pay

Digital payment is becoming quite popular nowadays. Digital Payments has saved us from standing in a queue in a bank. It helps us to save a lot of time. For this reason, people have switched to online payment via Apps. Google Pay is one of the most trusted money transfer apps in India. A large number of people use Google’s payment service Google Pay. This app not only allows easy transaction and payment by money, but it also takes care of the safety of the users. Users can use Google Pay by linking their bank account. Its special thing is that in this you can link more than one bank account. This payment service is based on UPI.


If you are among those users who have more than one bank account and use them regularly, then linking it with Google Pay can prove very beneficial for you. Here we are telling you about some easy steps, following which you can link your many bank accounts with Google Pay.

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How to Link Google Pay with Bank Account

– Open the Google Pay app.
– After the app open, tap on the three lines on the top right.
– Tap on the settings option given here and go to ‘Payment Methods’.
Go to Payment methods and tap on Add bank account.

How to link Multiple bank accounts with google Pay



Link bank account with Google Pay

– Choose your bank from the list of the banks given here.


Steps to Link bank account with Google Pay


– Now enter the details like 6 digit number of bank card number and expiry date here.
– After this, let the app verify the bank details.
After this, you select ‘Create UPI PIN’.
– Verify the link number with the bank through SMS code.
– Add and confirm new UPI PIN.

Google Pay UPI

The UPI PIN is a unique number that authorizes purchases or payments made through Google Pay.



Important tip
In the Google Pay app, users can select one of their multiple bank accounts as their primary bank account. By doing this the same bank account by default will be used for receiving or making any payment. To do this follow these steps:

– Go to Settings.
Go to the payment methods given in the Settings option.
– Select the account you want to use as the primary.
– After this, select ‘Select as primary account’.


So, these were the simple steps to add multiple bank accounts in GooglePay. Stay tuned with LatestStuffupdates for more money transfer app guides, How to’s etc

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