Lenovo HT10 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Lenovo HT10 Wireless Earbuds review

There was a time when you had to use only a wired device for listening to music. However, nowadays technology has taken a new and advanced form. That is why such products are coming nowadays which are beyond our thinking. One such device is Lenovo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (HT10), this Bluetooth Earbud is available to you with affordable design and powerful features along with an affordable price.

Bluetooth devices are very common nowadays. We are getting speakers equipped with Bluetooth technology which are very famous in the market for their excellent performance. Apart from this, its price is also quite low.

Apart from this, the technology of headphones has also seen major changes in the last few years. Till now, Apple’s Airpods had captured a large part of the market. But a lot of tech brands have now come up with Earbuds and various wireless Bluetooth headsets. After that Samsung’s Earbuds were seen in the market but their price was much more than the normal budget of a person. However, after this, we have seen many powerful Earbuds in the market in the recent past, which comes with a lower price and are also equipped with coolest features and gives you crystal clear sound experience.

However, after reviewing many earbuds and wireless Bluetooth headsets, the only thing that I can say is that I have liked Lenovo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (HT10) the most while reviewing them all. I have used this device in my car during shopping in my home and also with exercise and running etc. And I have found that at the price of Rs 3,999, this Earbud is a great choice for you. Let’s know about this device in detail …

Design and Specification
I got this device about 15-20 days before its launch. And after that, I have used it for almost the same time. During this time, when I first separated it from the box, it seemed to me to be a big device, but when I removed it from the box, I get a charging case made of brilliant plastic with black color, to be charged. Can. You are getting four lights in it. It indicates the charging of earbuds and box.

Apart from this, when I opened this small box which is quite compact, I found that there are two small earbuds in it, which you are getting in black box in black and gray combo color, both of which you are getting buttons which, when pressed, the blue light starts burning,

Their design is so great that it easily fits in your ears. If you are not used to such a device you may not find it odd, but if you are familiar with such a device like me, you are not going to face any kind of problem. They can also be called a great device, as soon as you wear them, they start doing their work, as if you are going to feel the noise cancellation first. Overall, they can be called a great device that you are getting with some of the best features at a low price.

If we now follow the specs and features, then let us tell you that in these you are getting HD sound with extra base. I like listening to music more than this device design. Apart from this, you can also control them very easily, now we are going to talk about their control etc. Apart from this, you are getting Qualcomm 3020 chipset, apart from this you are also getting aptX HD audio. In this you are also getting the support of Bluetooth 5.0, in addition to this you are getting support of many voice assistants, however the most important is you are getting support of Siri, which is a great feature for iPhone users.

However, not only this, you are also getting support for FHP, HSP, AVRCP, APTX, CVC etc. Talking about their transmission range, it is about 10 meters, and I have also felt that it is right, it means that the company has the right to say. In this, if you talk about the frequency response range, then it is up to 20-20k Hz. In terms of battery capacity, it is about 60mAh capacity with different earbuds, apart from this, if we discuss the charging case, it is equipped with a battery of about 800mAh capacity.

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