Kamlesh Tiwari Murder Case Main Accussed Used to Chat With Him As Rohit Solanki

Kamlesh Tiwari Murder Case

Kamlesh Tiwari Murder case is still a mystery and it is still not clear what’s the actual story. In the Kamlesh Tiwari Murder Case, the UP Police and the Gujarat Police have made another new disclosure. Murder Accused used to Chat with Kamlesh Tiwari with another profile named as Rohit Solanki. Kamlesh Tiwari was unaware of this fact.


New revelations are happening every hour in the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, the National President of the Hindu Samaj Party. The UP Police had already exposed this murder case. Now raids are going on regarding the involvement of other people in this murder and the arrest of the shooter. Meanwhile, the Gujarat Police has made another disclosure in this murder case. Let us know that the Gujarat ATS (ATS) arrested the three accused involved in this murder. Now ATS has made another big disclosure. According to the ATS, the killer, Ashfaq Rohit used to chat with Kamlesh Tiwari on Facebook and other social media sites.

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Experts believe that after this revelation of Gujarat ATS, it has become clear that Kamlesh Tiwari has been murdered under a proper plan. The killers first grew close to Kamlesh Tiwari and then later took advantage of it and killed him. For this, the killers started a series of interactions with Tiwari on Facebook and WhatsApp. After this, Kamlesh Tiwari was trapped in the trap and asked for the time for meeting and address of the house.

At present, the UP Police is looking for different places to arrest the shooter by searching for different places. A team of UP police has also been sent to Gujarat, which is being led by the SP crime of Lucknow.

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The former president of Hindu Samaj Party Kamlesh Tiwari was killed in Lucknow two days ago. The UP Police had achieved another major success on Sunday itself. The Lucknow Police on Sunday recovered saffron-colored blood-soaked clothes of the accused from a hotel in Naka area which is being investigated in a forensic lab.

so, this was a short update on Kamlesh Tiwari Murder Case. We hope that the main accused gets caught ASAP. Stay tuned with LatestStuffUpdates for the latest news, trending stuff and Bollywood gossips.

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