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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau’s 218th Birth Anniversary ​​Movies and videos have become an integral part of our lives. Its beginning was not so easy. After much hard work and struggle, the world got cinema and video. The great physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was the gift of moving pictures to the world. Today is his 218th birth anniversary (Joseph Plateau’s 218th Birth Anniversary). Today, Google is celebrating his birthday by creating a doodle. Joseph Plateau was the first person to present the film to the world for the first time. Let’s know the special things about Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau


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(Who Is Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau)

1. Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born in 1801 in Brussels which is situated in Belgium. In 1829, he graduated from Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In 1827 he taught mathematics to children in Brussels and in 1835 became Professor of Physics at Ghent University.

In the next paragraph, we are going to answer the following questions:-


1. Who made the Phenakistoscope?

2. How does a Phenakistoscope work?

3. When was Phenakistoscope invented?


2. Joseph Platte initially studied law, but later he studied physiological optics. In 1832 he invented the Phenakistoscope. Phenakistoscope is something that creates moving pictures. It basically creates a pattern of moving images. It is the only device that laid the foundation of the present day modern cinema.  The phenakistoscope basically consisted of two discs which stands on the same base. The first disc had slots around the base, and the second disc contained a drawing of the sequence of scenes, which was present in a pattern. Later, modern cinema was born from this.

How does Phenakitoscope work
Phenakistoscope: Spindle viewer

3. Joseph Plateau explained in his research how pictures are formed on the retina of our eyes. How long the retina stays on and how the eyes perceive color and depth. It works on the principle of persistence of motion. It creates a pattern of moving images. Euclid and Newton had also discussed this principle earlier but it was Joseph Plateau who explained the concept in detailed manner. If you are a science student or have studied physics then you must remember a few of these concepts.


4. Google has also made doodles based on Joseph Plateau invention. In the doodle, you can see that a disc is rotating.  The disc keeps on rotating and when you click on it you will be redirected to sources about Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau.

5. According to Google, Joseph Plateau had lost his eyesight. Even after not being able to see, he continued his scientific work. It is also said that after completing losing his eyesight, he took the help of his son and son-in-law. This proves that he was quite passionate about this work and research.

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