Top 7 Most intelligent And Innovative Machines {2018-2019}

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This is the list of most advanced and highly innovative machines ever built in the world. With the complete and very brief explanation of these top 7 most useful, technical, advanced and innovative machines ever built. Machines have built our lives on the pillar of comfort, ease of performing, reducing human efforts, cost-efficient and time efficiency. There is a rapid development in the upcoming technology whose intensity will be reflected in this article.

WARNING AHEAD:- The top 7 most advanced and highly innovative machines ever built in the world


In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, introducing first the roadrunner cone placement and retrieval system royal truck equipment. Attached to a standard cone truck the roads runner provide the fastest and safest way to place and retrieve construction zone cone markers. Rather than exposing workers to the hazards of oncoming traffic, this amazing system, and innovative machine places and collects the cones automatically. The CONE PLACEMENT SYSTEM (CPS) uses a mechanical slide rail to deliver cones on to the roadway at precise intervals. While the truck i9s driven forward at 12 to 15 miles per hour, the roadrunner operator loads one cone at a time into the slide stating point. Each cone is deployed at exactly the right moment to provide even distribution among the road. Robotically deployed by the system of hydraulic extensions, the CONE RETRIEVAL  SYSTEM(CRS) uses an automated capturing mechanism to capture one cone at a time from the roadway. Each cone is flipped from roadway from vertical to horizontal angle and enters the mechanism and closure. It is then captured by a vacuum component and raised to the top for collection. It saves labor cost and enhances the road safety it is the winning option for today’s road crew.


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2. Advaligno:-

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, this machine acquires 2 spots. Even if the forestry tools aren’t really your thing, this machine will leave you in stunned disbelief. Check out the PATAS, the cutting machine from the German company named Advaligno. This prototype machine is designed to provide and deliver efficient trimming of trees. Named after the worlds fastest monkeys, this mechanical tree scaler rises to the occasion. As today’s methods of tree trimming are only to the height of only 8 meters involves difficult and often dangerous work. But this revolutionary machine can trim the entire tree to the height of 10 to 15 meters in only 8 to 10 seconds. It uses a high-speed cutting head made possible by hydraulically driven rubber belts that guarantee minimum bark pressure and maximum grip in virtually all weather condition. At full operation, the Patas has the potential to complete 40 to 50 trees with all their branches in a single hour. This amazing machine is poised to revolutionize the tree industry. Highly anticipated by all, the PATAS could be available in the market by 2019.



3.Eco Log 58OE:-

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, meet this monster from the Swedish company Eco Log. It is an advanced forestry vehicle with amazing flexibility and functionality. Though this mind splitting machine can process trees at an astonishing rate. It can also handle the most uneven forest terrain. Its 6 massive wheels are connected to one of the most innovative suspension systems ever devised. This allows it to tilt its body to 17 degrees from front to rear or 25.5 degrees to either side.when necessity dictates or when the driver just want to show off this monster can lift one side high into the air and remain in perfectly balanced on only three wheels. And that’s just it stay. It can also raise its entire front or rear wheels into the air balancing itself on its fearless two wheels. Eco Log 580E can raise it chassy 1.2 meters into the air. As a log harvester, this beast can cut down and process at least two large trees per minute. With these amazing capabilities, the 580OE is one of the most effective log harvester available today.



4.Motion Sim:- 

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, introducing the MOTION SIM at 4th position. An exciting racing games stimulator from check republic company Elasco. Including a realistic view of the virtual road ahead, the Motion Sim allows you to experience the adrenaline pump and white-knuckle action driving a real race car. Engieenireed to provide drops, twists, and turns as experienced by professional race cars drivers. This spectacular creation unleashes the G-forces placed on the body during maximum acceleration, high speed turns and sudden changes in direction. The motion sim includes racing style seat harness mounted on top with either 3 or 4 hydraulic legs, pedals, a steering wheel, and a realistic gear shift is also included. Three 27 inch high HD screens provide a panoramic view rather realistic engine sounds and amazing authenticity .it allows the cog pit to move with the conjunction of the screen. The computer takes the data of the car’s position, speed, ground conditions, and G-forces directly from the game. Other available models contain a euro truck and a large rover. Well intensely exciting, the Motion Sim costs about the same as a mid-sized car.



5.ESUN YQJ-1500:-

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, we have ESUN YQJ-1500 at the 5th spot. Check out the YQJ-1500 main-hold cutting saw from a Chinese company “Guangdong ESUN heavy industry co. Ltd”. Its simple and remotely controlled it is used to create, repair or replace manholes in paved surfaces. Widely employed through Asia, this spinning super cutter reduces the time and manpower required to do the job. First, the fixing plate is positioned and the machine is adjusted at the place . after making the final adjustments and setting the cutting depth and radius, the cutting process begins. Using remote control the operator can adjust the cutting speed as needed to eliminate friction. A water inducting unit adds water to the cutti9ng areas. To prevent over cutting, cutting blade automatically rises when the desired depth has been reached. Once the hydraulic breaking tool removes the excess pavement, a spray gun applies the glue as the various permanent component and start to assemble the pavement. After that, a filling material is applied and the cover is installed and pressed by a roller unit. Its high durability and stable power are extremely effective for its cutting performance. The YQJ-1500 does the job quickly and securely.



6. Slattrax:-

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, we Introduce slattrax at 6th place. a convenient temporary road system from Minnesota company property props. Slattrax provides industrial vehicles with a path forward. It has been created for enabling side access or protecting the ground from damage from heavy industrial vehicles. It consists of flexible strips that can be manually installed or rolled out by a skid loader using a hydraulic attachment. When using the skid loader the attachment can carry on laying the strips two 100 meter tracks suspended above ground before reaching the work site. Each roll of the track is secured by several straps. Once free from the stramps, the rolls are extended to ground level. This allows the skid loader to drive forward over the tracks placing them smoothly laid out behind the vehicle. Each 25-foot section tramp is connected by the straps which remain connected to tracks after their initial release.



7. 5 waves:-

In the list of top 7 most innovative machines and highly advanced machines, the 5 Waves acquire the last but not the least position. This is the 5 wave. A new surfing park now being developed by Australian company “Surf Lakes International”.once completed. 5 waves will allow surfers to ride the waves whenever they want. Employing an innovative wave creation device within a man-made lake. The 5 Waves system will be capable of producing waves suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced, expert and pro level surfers. Recently tested at the company prototype facility, the 5 waves achieve results that challenge the skills of professional Australian surfers. The 5 wavers employes an innovative 1400 ton plunger style wave generator, capable of generating 2400 waves per hour. It creates a huge amount of pressure as it rises and falls within the center of the lake. The plunger generates a tsunami-like an effect, that creates waves in 360 degrees. By varying the counter of the lake bed, it will feature the waves ranging 6 to 8 feet for surfers of different skill levels. It promises to create waves of enthusiasm for Australia surfing enthusiast.


So here were the top 7 highly developed and insanely innovative machines that the world has ever seen. Stay tuned for more content like this in future and comment in the comment box regarding how would you like the post.

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