How to Stop Google Photos Backup for All Folders [ Step by Step ]

How to stop Google Photos Backup

Google Photos is an app from Google. If you are an Android user then you will know that Google Photos is a very useful app. With Google Photos, Android users can back up their entire gallery to cloud storage. Backup on Google Photos also frees the phone’s storage. The special thing is that in Google Photos, users get unlimited cloud storage provided that you have uploaded the photos in high quality.


However, unlimited storage is available in Google Photos. But many times we do not want to back up all the photos like screenshots, all the photos on WhatsApp or the pictures downloaded from the browser. Because oftentimes screenshots, pictures downloaded from the browser are for any purpose necessary at the same time. No one would want to share their private photos or screenshots to Google drive.


So how to ensure that only the necessary photos or folders are backed up on Google Photos. Today we will tell you how to backup Google Photos to Google Drive.

For this, you should have the latest version of the Google Photos App.
Better speed internet connection is a must for backing up Google Photos to Google Drive.


How to Stop Google Photos from Backing Up All Folders

1. First of all open Google Photos in your smartphone and then tap on the three horizontal bar which appears at the top right corner.

In Google Photos, users get unlimited storage.


2. Tap Settings and choose the Backup & sync option

There is an unlimited storage option when uploading photos in high-quality.


3. If the Backup & sync toggle switch is off, tap to turn it on

Phone storage can be emptied by taking backup in photos


4. Then tap on the Backup device folders option

Backup to Google Photos requires better internet connection


5. Now toggle off the folders you do not want to backup

It is worth noting that it may also happen that no folder is already selected. In this case, toggle all the folders you want to backup.


So, these were the steps that you can follow to stop Google Photos Auto backup of all your folders. You can toggle off the folders that you do not want to backup to Google Drive. Stay tuned to LatestStuffupdates for more tech news, Google Photos tricks and FAQs, and tutorials.

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