Add These 5 Ingredients to Tea and Say GoodBye to Cough and Cold

How to make a healthy tea

Winters come with the problem of cough and common cold along with its sweet pleasure. In winter season, most people suffer from cold and cough problems. Due to this, they do not know how many medicines have to be consumed. In India, most of the people consume tea in the morning. If you put these five things in your daily tea, then you can keep the problem of common cold and cough away.


Best Tea for Cough and Cold



Best Tea for Cough and Cold

Ginger is used in a lot of ayurvedic and herbal medicines for the treatment of cough and cold. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping the airways of the body clean. Also, it has anti-bacterial property which helps in fighting infection. Ginger is helpful in alleviating the problem of sore throat as well as phlegm.

Black Pepper

Black pepper Benefits

Black Pepper has its own benefits. Black pepper also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, it also contains vitamin C. These qualities give immunity a boost and the problem of cold and cough remains away from the body. Keep in mind that before adding black pepper to the tea, make sure to crush it.


Tulsi ( Basil )

Tulsi Health Benefits

A lot of people use Tulsi in their tea. Ever thought why they add basil to their tea? Tulsi has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Basil helps a lot in helping the body to fight against bacterial infections. The medicinal properties present in it also increase the immunity of the body, which helps in keeping away cold and cough. It also helps in keeping the air passage of the body clean, so that the phlegm does not freeze.



Best Tea for Cough and Cold

Last but not least clove. Clove has its own health benefits. Cloves have phenol compounds that help fight infection and eliminate cold and cough bacteria that enter the body. The oily properties present in cloves prove to be helpful in cleansing the phlegm that settles in the throat. Not only this, clove toxins also flush out the body and boost immunity.

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A pinch of Salt

If you are having cough problem then you can also a small pinch of salt in your tea.


So, these were the 5 ingredients you can add to make the best tea for cough and cold. If you use them on regular basis you can keep these problems away. This was all for today, Stay healthy and stay tuned with LatestStuffUpdates for more ayurvedic and natural health tips and remedies.


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