CyberSecurity Experts Team Up to Fight with Hacking Threats During Corona Outbreak

Hacking During Corona

All the governments have announced lockdowns due to Coronavirus disease. People are working from home. At this time the internet and other online payment services need to be secured. As people have become more dependent on online services nowadays, the number of hacking attempts are increasing day by day. To curb the situation cybersecurity experts from around the world have clubbed up.


The group named COVID-19 League is formed for Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčThreat Intelligence. It includes experts from 40 countries around the world. The group consists of professionals working in senior positions in large companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.


Mark Rogers, one of the four managers of the group, said that our first priority is to work against hackers who are taking support of medical facilities and other things related to the corona epidemic. We are already working on hacking the Health Organization. Rogers also said that at this time most people are doing work from home and in such a situation, communication networks and services have to be saved. Rogers says he has never seen such phishing before. And at this time, phishing messages are being sent in every language.


These phishing messages lure users so that they put their personal information like passwords on websites that are controlled by cyber-criminal. These hackers then use this data to bank, email and break into their accounts. You should never share your personal information or bank details on any non trusted website.

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Rogers said that our group has already scrapped a campaign that used a software vulnerability to spread malicious software. He refused to give any information about this. Rogers said the law enforcement agency was welcoming the partnership. Rogers is a British citizen. In addition, two group coordinators are one American and one Israeli. Rogers says he has never seen this level of cooperation before.


So, this was a short news. Cyber experts from around the world have teamed up to fight this situation. We advise you to stay alert and not to share your information on suspected websites. Stay tuned to LatestStuffUpdates for more such news and updates.

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