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Google Home Overview and Google Home Updates

Bounded with all the smart features for a smart home, Google home comes with all the advanced features that a speaker could possess and turn your home into a smart home. It has been developed to provide the greatest amount of quality of sound, fun, and enjoyment of dancing whenever and where ever you want. Before 2016 nobody would have ever thought that something revolutionary like this could even exist. SO WHAT MAKES THIS DEVICE SO PRECIOSO?

Google home is a brand of smart speakers developed and designed by Google. It was first announced in may 2016 with a subsequent release in 2017 with a more updated version.

In this article, we will be discussing the features, advantages and newest updates in google home.

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  1. It is an interactive speaker in which enables users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant named Google assistant.
  2. It provides a variety of services for example like listening to music, control playback of videos and photos and receiving updates entirely by Google.
  3. Home automation that let the users control smart home appliances with their voice. Multiple Google Home devices can be placed in the different section of home for playback music.
  4. An update in April 2017 of google home brought multi-user support, allowing the device to distinguish between up to six people by voice.



  1. CPU – ‘MARVELL’ 88DE3006 Armada 1500 mini plus dual-core ‘ARM’ cortex-A7 media processor. physical touch surface but providing users to manage volume by finger gestures on the top of the device.


             Google  Home Comes with  96.4 mm (3.80 in) diameter, 142.8 mm  (5.62 in) height,

             Google Home Mini comes with  98 mm (3.86 in) diameter, 42 mm (1.65 in) height

             Google Home Max comes with  336.6 mm (13.25 in) width, 190 mm (7.48 in) height.

  1. WEIGHT –   GOOGLE Home: 477 g (1.05 lb).
                          GOOGLE Home Mini:173 g (0.38 lb).

                      GOOGLE Home Max: 5,300 g (11.68 lb)


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  1.  Finger gesture volume control and controllable voice gestures make it very easy and convenient to use. you just have to move your finger in anti and clockwise motion to adjust volume and freeze your finger in the center to tell GOOGLE HOME  the song you wanna listen. feeling bored?  umm….. just say hello google and loads of fun await you.
  2. as GOOGLE HOME supports plenty of third-party streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn making it simple and easy and listing your favorite music from any of these.
  3. The sound quality of GOOGLE HOME is marvelous and cannot be matched easily. its a perfect choice for home parties, while enjoying with friends and for some solo stress relieving dances.
  4.  Google Home will allow you to stream any audio service that has a mobile app with Chromecast support.
  5. if you are a youtube YOUTUBE RED SUBSCRIBER, then for you GOOGLE HOME also provide youtube music streaming services.
  6. with GOOGLE HOME artificial intelligence it can play songs based on wage contexts too. don’t remember the name of the song? well no problem just give a little hint to GOOGLE HOME and it will interpret what song you are talking about . for instance once my brother asked GOOGLE HOME  to play “OK Google  PLAY 1985 SUMMER’S BEST SONG BY OPUS  ” and WOLLA, guess what it played “live is life “. ITS INCREDIBLE  isn’t it?
  7. Act as an audio receiver for Chromecast. if you wanna listen to a song from your phone to a better speaker then tap the cast logo from the supporting app and select GOOGLE HOME.
  8. Use GOOGLE HOME speaker with conjunction with CHROMECAST and you can throw in some photos videos and audios. just say “OK GOOGLE  play “FRIENDS” on the CHROMECAST. DO this with YOUTUBE, GOOGLE PHOTOS, NETFLIX MOVIES  etc.

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  1. to get the most out of your GOOGLE HOME you need the latest update for your to the most recent software version. the update is done as a part of setup so you need not do anything for that and GOOGLE HOME app will provide all the updates so you do not have to scounder here and there for the update.
  2. the update might take up to 10 minutes and white light will show up and spinning slowly in the process of updating.
  3. a redesigned GOOGLE HOME app is in the process for its IOs and Android users.
  4. The Google Home app has been updated to control multiple devices more easily and remotely, and access Google Assistant in-app as well.
  5. the redesigned version of GOOGLE HOME app is rolling to bring all the compatible smart devices at one platform and enable controlling them more conveniently. this saves time to go to each app separately. this app also allows users to control there connected smart devices even when they are away from home.
  6. The new redesigned app also provides multi-party connectivity so that people under the same roof can manage the connected smart devices.

So, these were the features of Google Home. We also updated you with the latest Google Home Updates. Hope you like the post. Don’t forget to share your views about Google Home. If you have any query related to the device, you can ask us via the comments section below.


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