GB Whatsapp APK: Download Latest Version 6.65 For Android {2018}

gb whatsapp

In today’s world its hard now to imagine life without WhatsApp because, among all the messenger and media sharing application, it is one of the most widely used and most interactive software out there. There is no denying about it. With this popularity of Whatsapp there comes a great responsibility for it to bring more and more new features on the table for its users. That is the reason why most of the people are choosing gb whatsapp apk over the normal traditional whatsapp.

gb whatsapp

what is the new gb whatsapp? (gb whatsapp new version):-

The official Whatsapp apk has fewer features as compared to that of gb whatsapp. The new updated version has a lot of new features and a better user ability than the old one. It is the best and a must have app for all who ever want more data efficiency, better media sharing(sharing 90 images at a time etc.) and even more(than what normal whatsapp can provide).

The new versions of whatsapp include:-

  1. Gb Whatsapp
  2. Yo Whatsapp (read more)
  3. AB Whatsapp
  4. Whatsapp plus.
  5. And more.

There has been a lot of mod for the traditional whatsapp like its plus version and gb version etc. yet with its chase for $1 trillion payment market, people are still unaware about it. These mods are very popular because most of the people are using the old whatsapp without knowing that these mods provide more features and better user ability.

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Now, what will you learn inside:-

  1. App info
  2. Features of gb whatsapp:- 
  3. Where to download it:-
  4. Installation guide

 App info:-

  1. Version name:-  6.65
  2. App size:- 28 MB
  3. Required android:- Android 4.0+
  4. App name:- gb whatsapp
  5. Require root:- no
  6. Main work:- whatsapp based with extra hidden features too.

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Some most important pointers to read:-

  • When you use gb whatsapp apk, you can simply use 2 accounts at the same time and whatsapp gb account will be your second account to use. You can install dual whatsapp with this gb version. Which means one is the normal whatsapp account and the other one is for gb without getting ban issues.
  • gb whatsapp new version ie. v6.65, provides the same level of security as the official one.
  • the new v6.55 version of gb whatsapp apk provides one end to end encryption.
  • I guarantee after reading the features of the new whatsapp gb you will forget official whatsapp and merge down deep into the far more stretched world of gb whatsapp.



21 Dynamic Features That Makes gbwhatsapp v6.65 Best For Usage:-

  1.  The users can change their whatsapp header color which was green by default.
  2.  As by default in the official and traditional whatsapp the images comes very compressed but in the gb whatsapp you can send very high-quality images.
  3.  You can send videos up to 50 MB with the gb whatsapp new version of v6.65, which was limited only till 16 MB.
  4.  Increase the upload limit of the audio up to 100 MB, which is pretty decent.
  5.  gb whatsapp 6.65 obviously has more media quality than the old version.
  6.  You can set it as the launcher icon from among through different icons.
  7.  The new version allows us to keep online even when the screen is off.
  8.  Disable the head-up notifications with the gb whatsapp new from thousands of theme and create your own too.
  9.  Disable the voice calls.
  10.  You can set the password to secure your app.
  11.  Breaking the limit of sending just 30 images at a time, now you can send up to 90 images at a time.
  12.  You can hide the last seen and blue double tick marks more efficiently.
  13.  You may add as many as 600 members in your broadcast list as more than before of 250 members only.
  14.  Copy the message by double tap.
  15. Change the tick mark styles.
  16.  Ad as many as 250 characters on the status.
  17.  Grant of setting the group name with up to 35 characters.
  18.  Forward messages to anyone even without forward tags.
  19.  Add a payment option to pay your friends via bank account.
  20.  you may enable DND mode into your gb whatsapp which disable the internet.
  21.  better and dynamic sticker options.

Needless to say that by reading the above given 20dynamic features of the gb whatsapp apk and once you start using it, you will never want to delete it for the official whatsapp.

Download from here:- gb whatsapp download




Installation Guide (To Download The New Latest Version Of GB Whatsapp)

how to download the latest gb whatsapp apk and use it for any android device. We will show you that with step by step guide.

Step 1:- first click on setting and then on settings – security – unknown sources.


Step 2:- after enabling unknown sources to install the gb whatsapp apk on the android device.


gb whatsapp

Step 3:- open the application and enter your mobile number like in the given screenshot:-


gb whatsapp

Step 4:-gb whatsapp will verify your no via an OTP code automatically and then your apk is ready to use.


gb whatsapp


Disappointment for iPhone users:-

The gbwhatsapp for iPhone is not available at the moment. But for the Android users, there are thousands of theme that will keep your mind fresh even if you get bored from one. You can also make your own theme with gbwhatsapp. You can easily install the gbwhatsapp through this tutorial.



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