GB Instagram: Latest Version V1.5O APK Download For Android {2018}

gb instagram

GB Instagram:- One of the most widely used and most trending apk available in this century is Instagram. we can not imagine our world without it. Instagram allows its users to share unlimited images, videos, and stories on social media. You will never get bored using this application. It has managed to gather more up to 1 billion followers and still counting.

You can share with millions of people your stories, images, and videos that you want under a single platform roof. It is the best platform for someone looking to build social media reach and earn from it. We won’t touch that part in this article but the fact of the matter is that nobody can deny its powerful reach in our daily lives.

But it’s not only made up of all the brag people have given it nowadays as it does come with a limitation. The most important thing that it lacks that it does not give its users the ability to download the images, videos and stories .though you may use “instant DP apk” to download the DP of the user but still, it will not help you to download other profile images, stories, and videos. And that is its major drawback.


gb instagram

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Why choose GB Instagram over normal Instagram?

Though Instagram is the best apk out there which is even popularly known for its privacy worldwide as it does not allow it, users, to download images, stories, and videos. The only way out. For that purpose, you have to download a third party APK to download them.

Hence to solve this problem without any third party application just to download the images, videos and stories here I will tell you guys today, the single best apk that you must download to get the most out of Instagram that let you do what normal Instagram will not. Its ability to download images, stories and videos from any profile on Instagram you want, not only that but also use it as a normal Instagram, makes GB Instagram the best option for you. GB Instagram has way more features than normal Instagram and you must download it . do not want to? look at the features below.

Same as you may have heard about gb whatsapp we also have the GB Instagram at you work to give you all the advanced and more user-friendly features that normal Instagram won’t.

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What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is the best social media images, stories and videos sharing platform that even allows you to download images, stories and videos over Instagram without any 3rd party application. This mod unlocks more features than official Instagram and any other Instagram mods out there on play store. The GB Instagram apk comes with many more advanced features. So if you love surfing on Instagram try using this apk to make your life interesting. The most important thing is that the apk has been developed by the developer that calls “Atnfas Hoak”. This apk is 100 percent safe to use. And you will never get banned and your credentials will be kept safe.

GB Instagram version information

  1. Last updated:- July 9, 2018
  2. Android version:- 4.3+
  3. Total download:- 2,000,000+
  4. Apk size:- 45.8 MB
  5. Version name:- 1.50
  6. Main work:- Instagram apk with additional and advanced features

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16 Dynamic features provided by GB Instagram

  • New GB Instagram is based on the latest Instagram
  • You can mark any conversation with a star.
  • Hide the stories that you see.
  • You can now fix errors while loading themes on GB Instagram.
  • Obviously allows the users to download the images, videos, and stories.
  • You can translate the comments in any language that you desire.
  • Users can also upload images and videos from Alsturi.
  • You can also copy comments.
  • Now you also can share the images and videos links easily and directly.
  • You can zoom in and also zoom out the images
  • You can change the TCS or theme conversation screen and conversion
  • Allows the users to copy anybody’s description you like.
  • Allows notification count.
  • Require no root process to download.
  • Best, allows you to use 2 Instagram accounts at one device.
  • Other more advanced features.

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This information is enough to urge you to download the GB Instagram apk but if not I don’t know what will. Just like the gb whatsapp this gb tool is also very trustworthy and packed with a lot of interesting and very easy features to make you extract the best out of your Instagram. You will definitely never delete this apk once you have used it. It is that addictive.

Click Here:- Download the gb Instagram apk. 

GB Instagram video tutorial 


How to install the GB Instagram apk at your android device?

You can easily install this GB Instagram apk at your android device. Below I am sharing the step to step guide to install the apk.

Step 1:- Download the GB Instagram apk from the above-given link.

Step 2:- Once you have downloaded it on your device it will be stored in the downloads folder.

Second, you need to allow your device to download the apk from the unknown source. Select the option “unknown source” or go to the settings – security – select unknown source and you are good to go.


gb instagram


Step 3:- Now the gb instagram apk is ready to install on your device


gb instagram

Step 5:- You are all done and just login into your Instagram account normally.


gb instagram


The GB Instagram will be installed and will work with any Android device running on the 4.0+ version of Android. Hope you have got all the relevant information about the GB Instagram apk about how to download and install it.GB Instagram video tutorial is also given above. Do install it as it is the best replacement of normal Instagram with more and advanced features which you may have read above.


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