MASV : The Best File Sharing Platform | Free Transfer Upto 500GB

Best File Sharing Platform.

Today we are going to talk about the most promising and free file sharing platform known as must have heard of many file sharing sites but this one can transfer massive files instantly. It includes both paid and free version. We have also shared its features which make it the best file sharing platform to sharefile up to 500GB.

As they say, “ it’s a reliable and fast large file sharing transfer services helping you to deliver your projects on time “. It helps to transfer large files and folder conveniently around the world with MASV global network with high bandwidth and accelerated private network solving your large file distribution hassle.

They give up to 400 GB  of free trial to new users. It’s a lot of GB’S there, isn’t it?


Why MASV Is The Best File Sharing Platform?


    1.Reliable  And Fast:-

SPEED  and ACCURACY  are the most crucial parts for any project and file sharing. it’s very hard to find a platform giving the opportunity to share large files around the world very quickly and working for the quickness over the top of the quality of your internet connection. Delivery of the files on time and reliability are the 2 promises offered to the users by MASV. it uses advanced technologies to track all the files sharing and ensure that both of these highly crucial requirements are fulfilled. This particular feature makes it one of the best file sharing platform.



    2.Comes Handy With 2 Features

MASV comes with 2 key features namely “RUSH”  to send files and other “PORTAL” designed to receive files . in both of these platforms MASV provide customized backgrounds, logos and colour.this setup of both rush and portal l; looks very professional and can help to build business confidence and trust.



file sharing
file sharing

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    3.NO Particular limit And Setup:-

This is the best file sharing platform which enables you to send up to 1 Gbps of the file without any configuration and plugin used. It has no fixed storage system to manage files so you can send any size of files for ex (500Gb) file. this way it enables you to send your files stress less without worrying about your files management, managing storage, and configuration firewall.




    4. Simplicity To Use:-

Your clients or partners are not always TECH SAVVY  so MASV has been designed to send files in the old fashion EMAIL way hence saving delays in your professional work too. MASV has been built as easy to use and user-friendly and requires no account creation or plugins to download a file. the best thing is its simplicity so that success rates can be high for every one of its users.

file sharing
file sharing


    5. Guarantees Delivery:-

MASV guarantees fast and highly secured delivery worldwide but for any reason, the files don’t get delivered on time or reliably the money will be refunded for that particular delivery.



    6.Time And Effort Saving.

Using the old fashion email way but with fast and reliable file transferring and money return police it makes MASV very easy and time and effort friendly. you can send large or massive files anywhere around the world sitting at your home. This is the benefit of file sharing.



    7.No Prerequisites And 60 Seconds Upload.

MASV requires no special hardware, app installation, no browser plugin and not even no account creation. It can work on any modern browsers available out there, with ease . just have to enter the recipient email address, select the files you want to transfer or folders and the uploading starts within 60 seconds.



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