How Facebook Keeps Tracking Your Location Even in Location Turn Off Mode

How Facebook tracks location even when location is off

Facebook and its apps keep tracking the location of its users even when their location service switch is off. It has been revealed that the company keeps tracking users’ locations all the time. Facebook itself has given information about this to US senators. For this, a letter was sent by Facebook to Senator Christopher A. Koons and Josh Howley, which has gone viral on Twitter. Facebook has disclosed in this letter how they track the location of its users.


How Facebook Track Your Location

Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman has told that even if users have turned off the tracking service from the account, the location of the user can be detected. The company has also given an argument on this, according to which, the information about the location of any person has many advantages. They say that it allows them to keep people connected with each other in a better way. This allows users to show advertisements according to them. Apart from this, many information is also included. The following tweet from Emily Birnbaum will definitely answer how facebook keep tracking the location of users even when he/she has turned off the location services in their devices.


Emily Birnbaum Tweets 


Well, we ourselves think that there should be some restrictions on these tech giants. Tracking a user is quite common nowadays. All tech giants have their own explanations but we bet that 85% of them or maybe more, go for it just for their own monetary benefits. Just imagine, you run an eCommerce store, you have all control over your users’ activities. You are able to see in realtime what they are searching for, their location and other activities. Will not be a winning point for your store? It will be for sure!


User Privacy is something that they all should care for! That’s all for today. We will come up with more such data privacy stuff. If you feel this is something that belongs to your area of interest, don’t forget to subscribe our email lists from the widget area. For more latest tech updates and news, follow us on Facebook





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