This Facebook Update Will Change the Way You Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook lite Sign up

Facebook has made a change in the sign up process of Messenger. This is being seen as a big change. Because now you can not access Messenger Lite without Facebook account. Till now accounts could be created in the Facebook Messenger Lite app even if the user added his or her phone number without creating the account.


Facebook has confirmed this change in a statement given to VentureBeat. Earlier, new users could access Messenger Lite without a Facebook account only through phone number.

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A Facebook spokesperson said that, “If you are on Messenger you will notice that you will now need a Facebook account to talk to your friends and close connections“. The company has given the reason for this change. Facebook has said that the company has found that most of the users who use Messenger are already logged in with Facebook account. Therefore, this has been done to make the process easier.


Meanwhile, if you are already having a Facebook account then you do not need to do anything. But now new users cannot do this. According to the report of VentureBeat, there are some users who were using Messenger without a Facebook account and now they are having trouble using this app.

With this small but important change of Facebook, it is now getting a hint that the company is preparing for cross-platform messaging. The company has already made it clear that in the coming time, cross-platform messaging will be offered in Messenger, Insta, and WhatsApp. For example, after the introduction of this feature, you will be able to message directly on Instagram from WhatsApp.

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