7 best computer tricks everybody should know

want to learn best, easy and time efficient computer tricks for any computer?


Then here are the top 7 insanely effective computer tricks and hacks that everyone should know.


  • You will get to learn top 10 insanely effective computer hacks.
  • Time efficient, very effective and (100%) real tricks.
  • It will upgrade your working style, respect among colleges, peers, increase productivity and your overall computer experience.  etc. 
  • Improve workplace status and even better your computer abilities.
  • Boost your computer performance.
  • Boost self-esteem.

Some of these are window specific, some are for just any computers, some have to do with browsers obviously we have got a lot of variety. you will find these top 7 computer tricks pretty interesting.

so how about we get started?

1. Right, Click Dragging:-

Firstly everybody knows how to quickly click and drag a file. Just left click the file you want to drag it into another folder or move anywhere and stuff. Rather than using right clicks to get a bunch of other options like ‘open with’, ‘properties ‘ etc. Everybody knows that. But how about if I tell you can do the same exact thing of clicking and dragging files with more ease and simplicity. You can move files from one folder to another and moving it on the desktop simply from one place to another with a right click too. It is simple than using keyboards shortcuts and right clicking for copy, paste etc.

Yes, it is very simple. Just follow some few simple steps

1. Click and hold with a right click just as you would with the left click and move it to another folder. Like this given below.



2. Instead of moving it right away you will actually bring up a context menu with a few options. Forex. copy, move here, create the shortcut and cancel. like this given below.

2.   In -Site Search In Chrome:-

This trick is specific to google chrome but it may work in other browsers as well.

if you wanna search within a specific site you can actually go into the address bar, type that name of the website like “facebook.com”. Then instead of pressing enter press tab, and it will allow you to enter the query that will only search within that site. there are more advanced ways to type in commands but this one is easier.  refer the pictures given below


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3.CTRL + SHIFT + T :-

For all of you this is the trick that you will l\absolutely love if you didn’t know it already. so if in google chrome you accidentally close the browser tab, you can bring it back with the most powerful command Cntrl + Shift + T. This command will restore the tab that you closed accidentally or even closed several tabs or even chrome altogether (the whole program) then also you can open your tabs in it . This command will restore all the tabs one by one and even the whole google browser again. This helps you when you accidentally close the browser, the system crashes and stuff. it can be a lifesaver for you all. But this won’t work incognito mode.

 and once closing the first tab and after using the command you can see the 1st-page loading again and reopen of that tab. 


4. Website Content Editing:-

This small but effective trick can be really fun. This trick will allow you to edit any web page and say and write on it whatever you want so you can mess with your friends, create fake screenshots or whatever you want.


  1. right click on the screen after opening the site you want to edit.
  2. Then hit the “Inspect” or click F12 to bring up the same menu.
  3. after opening the menu go to the console in chrome and type the following code. “Document.designMode =’on’
  4. This command will put the page into the designer mode which means you can highlight and type texts and change it like a word document or something like that.

In Firefox, the procedure is the same but the only difference is that its design mode is a little bit different.

5.WinTab :-

this is a really cool feature and it acts as an application multi-taskers for your desktop . just like in smartphones you can use your multi-taskers to choose the application form a number of the different application running. just press Window key and Tab key together (WINDOW + TAB).It might look better depending upon which system you are on. Because it’s very easy in windows 10 as it gives you a view of the running files.





6. Forget Your Password:-

you can set the new password for your computer even if you forgot the old password.

this trick in the list of top 10 computer hacks is a really easy trick that allows you to change the password of your computer system. traditionally you will go to the control panel- user account and then you will change the password . But with this trick, you can change and create a new password of your computer system without knowing your old password of the computer system and without following this traditional method.


  1.  Firstly open the command prompt and choose run as an administrator by right-clicking at it.
  2.  Simply type net user and then you will see the names of the accounts and the different users in your computer.
  3. after that type net user with the name of the user account with spaces in between the net use and name of the user account following with space, the new password you want to set for your computer.


7. Open Task Manager Directly:-

you just have to press three keys in order to open task manager in your computer rather than searching for it in the search box. these 3 keys are “CTRL”+”SHIFT”+”ESC”. This small trick is very efficient in saving time.


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Bonus Computer Trick (got to see it.)

1. Permanent File Deletion By Bypassing Recycle Bin:-

the windows recycle bin has been a real lifeguard for the deleted files. But its possible to permanently delete the file you want by bypassing the recycle bin. Instead of pressing the Del key, press Shift+Del, then Shift+Enter to confirm.

As per your preference, you can also permanently disable the recycle bin. First, right-click on the Recycle Bin, then choose Properties. select the drive you want to disable the recycle bi for and then click on “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.” Click the OK button to save changes.



2.Block Websites:-

if you want to deny the access of any particular website in your computer system then you must know how to block this website in your computer system.


  1. press window + r to open “run mode” on your computer.

Then type “%windir%\system32\drivers\etc”. and press ok

  1. after that, you will be guided to a folder and at the top, you will see a file naming “hosts”
  2. Right-click the hosts file and click open with and select notepad
  3. then you have to write a local IP address similar to previous IP address given above in that notepad file and change the last digit ie. if the last digit of the above-given IP address is 1 then write 2 in your IP address.
  4. Congratulations you have denied the access of a particular website to open on your desktop.

follow the pictures below








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