Delhi Air Pollution Level Reaches Extreme Level: Ways to Protect Your Health

Air pollution Delhi

New Delhi: Air pollution in Delhi: Heavy pollution has occurred in Delhi. Fireworks during Diwali and the smoke after burning Parani in Punjab-Haryana have made people in Delhi difficult to breathe. People are seeing respiratory problems, people are getting sick. Pollution has now reached alarming levels in the country’s capital Delhi. According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), the Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded a 412 on Friday (November 1) morning, which is in the “very severe” category.


It is considered dangerous by category. Environmental experts say that stubble burning is the biggest reason for the haze that has been in Delhi-NCR for the past few days. A farmer from Haryana said that fire is being extinguished by fire brigade on the complaint of burning stubble, and the expenditure on this is being recovered from the farmers. Also, an FIR is being registered against the farmer who burnt the straw.


Straw smoke, smoke coming out of vehicles and smoke from firecrackers in the sky after Diwali… is spoiling your health overall. Most people who breathe in this polluted air are experiencing problems like sore throat, scratching, itching and burning in the eyes, itching in the nose, sore throat, skin rashes. At the same time, these problems are taking serious form for the victims of respiratory diseases.


Ways to Stay Healthy Despite Delhi’s Air Pollution

1. Vehicles are the major reason for increasing pollution, so prefer travelling by public vehicles for a few days.

2. Get out of the house with a mask. Masks above N-95 (N-95) should be purchased to avoid pollution. These masks also protect you from microscopic particles.

3. Avoid exercising outdoors at dangerous pollution levels.

4. Take care in cleaning the house, do not let the dust and dirt accumulate.

5. Many people have more trouble breathing due to pollution, so please see a doctor.

6. Create a good environment in your house, plant plants in the house so that you can get pure air.

7. After coming back home from outside in such an environment, wash the mouth, hands and feet with clean water.

8. You can get air purifier installed in your house for the air purifier.

9. Take help of the app, avoid going to the area where there is more pollution.

10. Use vitamin-C, omega-3 such as honey, garlic, ginger as much as possible. Also, drink as much water as possible.


so, these were some basic steps you can take to keep yourself healthy and to avoid getting sick because of Delhi’s Air Pollution. Stay connected with LatestStuffUpdates for more news and updates.





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