CoronaVirus Impacts Apple: Customers Can Not Buy More Than 2 iPhones

Coronavirus impacts Apple

iPhone is something that everyone wishes to own in India. If you are thinking of buying more than one iPhone at a time, now it is not possible to do so. Apple has set a limit to buy a maximum of two iPhones to a user in many countries other than the US, China. The company has taken this decision after low production due to COVID-19 and closure of stores outside China. Apple is trying to prevent the coronavirus from spreading due to the movement of people by closing stores.


The rules that Apple has implemented on online sales include iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apart from smartphones, this restriction is also imposed on some other Apple products. The new iPad Pro can also be purchased no more than two at a time. However, if a customer wants to buy more than two iPhones in one order, then he has to take care that all those iPhones are of different models.

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A research firm report says that Apple is trying to stop hoarding iPhones with this new rule. The company fears that some wrong people may re-sell iPhones in the gray market at expensive prices in this difficult time. The report further stated that this has happened even before when the new iPhones were online out-of-stock, but they were being sold indiscriminately in the gray market.


Like other tech companies, Apple is suffering from significant losses due to Coronavirus. Earlier this month, Apple had said that it would close its stores in places other than Greater China until March 27. Along with this, the company also said that it is committed to serving customers better.

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Corona has become a severe problem for all countries. A lot of tech companies too are facing losses due to a reduction in the sale. Let’s unite together in this tough times, and pledge to do whatever it takes to fight with Coronavirus. Stay tuned to LatestStuffUpdates for more tech news and updates about Coronavirus.

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