Call Centre Looted American People in The Name of Sex Pills

Call centre Sex pills

Sex is a part of our life. It is the base of the evolution of life. Some people face sexual health issues and keep looking for alternative medicines instead of going to a professional sexual health expert.  A recent case has come up in which some people have been cheated in the name of sex pills. The thugs know the weakness of the people, so they catch the same weakness and cheat people in such a way that the victims cannot complain to the police. Buying sex pills is one such weakness.


On the pretext of this, some thugs made millions by cheating American people sitting in Mumbai. DCP Akbar Pathan said that the crime cell’s property cell has arrested three such accused Mohammed Usama Ahmed Ishar Chaudhary, Muzaffar Zafar Sheikh and Mohammad Altaf Saeed Memon.

These people had built a call center in Chhota Sonapur area on M S Ali Marg. Many such employees were kept here, who had a strong command on spoken English and their accent sounded like an American guy is calling.

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Internet Calling Was Used to Prevent Tracing:VOIP

Police say that these people used to call American people only through VOIP. They were told different schemes of Viagra and other pills related to sex in such a way that they can be benefited by ordering more pills. If the person said yes, then he was given an account number and asked to transfer the amount in it.


The accused used to be under pressure on the fact that when the money reaches the account, only then they will send these sex enhancement pills to their address. The people got lured and used to send money hoping to receive those sex pills. No pills were sent even after receiving the money.


Workers were given big money
The accused told the investigation team of Senior Inspector Kedari Pawar, Inspector Laxmikant Salunkhe, Sunil Mane and Amit Bhosle that since they were making internet calls, they knew that their location would never be found by the foreign police. They also knew that the victims never complained about being cheated on the pretext of sex pills anywhere in the world, so these people were running their business of cheating very easily. The call center in which the crime branch raided on Friday after a tip was running for the last five years and the workers working there were being given hefty salary.


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