bombitup apk: Download Latest Version for Android Apk {2018}

SMS Bomber

Are you the one looking for the best SMS bomber available on android devices? you wanna prank your friends? Want to try this bombing on international phone numbers too? if yes, then this is the place you can install the 100% genuine and free bombitup apk for free. This is the one of the best free SMS bombing apk known to us as bombitup apk.

bombitup:- Download the apk from here.

What is a bombitup SMS bomber apk?

SMS Bomber in simple words, is an android apk which is used mostly for pranking and playing tricks on the people you choose. There have been a ton of other websites serving for the same services like this one. But the good thing about bombitup SMS Bomber apk is that it’s being updated regularly. other websites did not update their application programming interface (API) for SMS sending. hence these websites eventually got shut. But the bombitup apk is being updated regularly by its developers with good API.

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Features provided by bombitup apk SMS bomber

  1. SMS Blast (SMS Bomber)
  2. International Number Bombing(U.K, USA, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal)
  3. Free and Unlimited SMS
  4. Email Blast
  5. Call Blast(Call Bomber)
  6. Custom Blast
  7. Protection list (protecting your number through your number registration). Remember the logs will be cleared after every 7 days so keep registering yourself after every 7 days.



Visit the official site

What all can you do with this bombitup apk?

(Click the above link to get to the official website of bombitup apk to download this apk)

  • Send unlimited fake SMS and prank anyone at any time without restrictions.
  • Provide numerable options like SMS Blast, custom blast, call blast, email blast to the users to have fun.
  • Send unlimited fake messages to the mobile numbers you choose.
  • Bombitup apk does not expose the sender. In fact, there is an option for the users in which you enter your mobile number (protection list) and secure your number from getting exposed.
  • Send fake messages to the victim like fake bank transactions, ordering items delivery messages.

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Few things you should keep in mind before using this bombitup apk:-

  • This tool is just for fun purposes only and not for revenge and bad activities. If used for revenge purposes the user is himself responsible for that, Developer is not responsible in any case.
  • There are many different websites providing the same services so beware of the fake sites.
  • Many websites spread malware in the name of bombitup.
  • Like for example “” s 100% malware.
  • Beware of this site as it might steal your personal data.
  • Official sources are:-
  3. official Github page.
  • Only trusts the blogs that redirect to official sites mentioned above.

The apk is only available on Android devices as the iOS version of the bombitup apk is still under development. To download you can choose between the given below 3 options on the site only:-

  1. Download v3.06.3(slow download speed)
  2. Download v3.06.3(GDrive)(fast download speed but contains ads)
  3. Download (Github)(old build)



  • This is how the original site looks like

How to download the bombitup apk on the mobile device?

step 1: Download the bombitup apk from the above-given download link. Default storing of the apk in the memory card.

step2: Open the apk and you will see the pop up asking you to whether you want to download the apk because your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.




step3: Set up the issues in the setting according to your phone and then install the apk normally



step4: Open the apk and start pranking with your friends .as you may see in the picture given below, choose the country from the drop-down menu option and then enter the number. you may also pick the number from the phone directory also.


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Some frequently asked questions {FAQ’S} :-

Q.Why bombitup is not on the play store?

Ans. This apk is not in the store because it does not comply with the Play Store SPAM policy. hence it will never be on store read more about the policy.

Q.Does this apk contain malware?

Ans. If you download it from official Sites Click Here To Check Trusted Sites. This apk is 100% safe. For mental satisfaction, you can scan this apk from any antivirus you like.


What’s new in this bombitup apk?

  • The SMS bomber count has been fixed.
  • Call bomber is back with some bugs.
  • Many of the bugs have been fixed.
  • Custom and anonymous calls have been removed for some time but it will be back soon.
  • The Android P support has been added.

This post has been a success due to our efforts put together. Hope all of you will find this post very helpful.


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