Demand for Ban on Big Boss 13 [ Latest Update ]

Big Boss Ban Demand

Big Boss has become one of the most popular TV shows of all time. This can be said by the number of seasons they have done till now. The troubles of Salman Khan’s controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ are seen increasing. Recently, there was a demand to ban this show on social media. At the same time, there has been a new twist in this matter. The Confederation of All India Traders today sent a letter to Union Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar to immediately stop the telecast of the ongoing TV show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ on Colors TV channel. In this letter, many serious allegations have also been made on ‘Bigg Boss’ season 13.

‘Full of vulgarity and stupidity’
Kat has said, ‘Bigg Boss 13’ is an openly abusive display of vulgarity and vulgarity. It is difficult to watch this show in the domestic environment and the old traditional social and cultural values ​​of our country are being dismantled. In the greed of TRP and profits, ‘Bigg Boss’ is ending social harmony in the country through TV channel. Which cannot be allowed in a country with a diverse culture like India.

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A Demand for Ban on ‘Bigg Boss’

Letter Against Big Boss 13

In a letter sent to Javadekar, the national president of CAT, BC Bhartiya and National general secretary Pravin Khandelwal have said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making tremendous advocacy of the country’s cultural values ​​not only in India but also at the highest world forums. From this point of view, this matter should be looked into immediately and ‘Bigg Boss’ shows should be banned.

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Bhartia and Khandelwal said that the show ‘Bigg Boss’ has always been in controversies and vulgarity has always been dominated in this show. But this time the show has crossed all limits of morality. The concept of ‘Bed Friend Forever’ in the current show is against the basic cultural and social sentiment of the country and the ethical norms established for film and television. The producers of this serial have forgotten that this is the prime time slot on TV and when this show is aired people of all ages sit to watch television with their family.

Obscenity charge on Big Boss 13

The level of content of this show is very cheap. For this reason it should not be aired on any national TV channel. Bhartia and Khandelwal have raised the question that when films are subjected to the censor board, why can’t the TV serial be under the censor board? If they are, then how did the censor board allow such open nonsense, cultural nuisance, and most outrageous scenes and content to be broadcast in the serial?

Questions raised on the show and Salman Khan

The letter states that Salman Khan is equally responsible for operating the show along with the producer and director, who show such a level of obscenity. CAT has urged Union Minister Prakash Javadekar to immediately ban ‘Bigg Boss 13’ as an interim step. Each episode should be allowed to air only after being duly certified by the censor board.

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