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best compass app

7 Best Compass app: The single and sole purpose for which people use a compass is to navigate directions ie. north, south, east, and west. It is considered a vital tool in the camping, hiking, traveling gear especially when you know that you are entering into a place where you might not be able to navigate geographic directions yourself when you are alone. A compass can define your protection or death.

 A proper and good quality compass remains steadfast even through poor weather and environmental conditions. But ever since GPS and Digital forms of compass such as application, have captured the market and have proved to be more trustworthy than a simple old fashion compass, people have started using them instead of the old dusty compasses.

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Hence you can download these compass from play store into your device. So if we have everything on our mobile devices nowadays then why not a compass. Due to which for more precise use and reduce manual work these compasses are available in digital form as well for your devices.

best compass app

Hence we will tell you 7 best compass app for Android users which do not require any magnetic sensor in your devices.apks for all the users.  Its a lifesaver in many conditions after all. 
 This instrument will always remain one of the single best safety precaution components in the adventure and traveling gear for all age groups.

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Sometimes though manual compasses it become difficult to read for the new users with time with proper and not longer usage, it will become simple to read. Also, the burden of carrying a large compass and separately will be eliminated by using these 7best compass app.

What all will you learn inside?

  • Layman and technical definition of a compass.
  • Different types of a compass.
  • 7 Best compass app for Android.
  • Ending words.

What Is a Compass?

Normally a compass is a device that is used by people to navigate directions and use it when people look for directions or lost. Its good to have a compass in your pocket if you are a hiking, adventure trips, and trekking lover. It might save your liIfe one day.

Technically speaking a compass is an instrument that is used to find direction. It consists of a dial and a magnetic needle that will always point towards the north of where you stand.

Different types of compass:

  • Base Plate Compass
  • Tumb Compass
  • Card Compass
  • Lensatic Compass
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Gyrocompass
  • Electronic compass

What are the 7 best compass app for android users?

These best compass app eliminate the difficulty of carrying a compass separately and the fear of losing it. These 7 best compass app are extremely simple, Aesthetic and supports the HD display. These best compass app are designed for all users. Weather for professionals or for amateurs. These top 7 best compass app are designed to show time orientation to the magnetic fields.

Compass pro (Download here)

This free and simple compass application has a very beautiful and aesthetic display with high definition looks. Usable for both professionals and amateurs, this app shows a real-time orientation to the magnetic fields. This application displays many features such as longitudes, latitudes, altitudes, location, speed, magnetic fields, and even the biometric pressure.

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best compass app

3D Compass Pro(Download here)

Going with the name this one of the Best compass app is 3- dimensional or 3D and is also augmented with a real reality view. It is very simple and beautiful looking and is accurate too. This application is a real-time compass with automatic rotating and provides accurate information. Some of the features are degree counts, front camera, address tracker and headings.

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best compass app

Marine Compass(Download here)

As the name suggests this best compass app is very beneficial in a sea or in other water bodies. Carrying a compass becomes a necessity while you are in the waters especially open waters. This application mainly features a 3 Dimension block compass with all heading written in huge texts. This best compass app can provide a display location with the utilization of the GPS coordinates. You can even set up the marine compass on your home screen.

Accurate compass(Download here)

This one of the best compass app gives a traditional, old school but 3 Dimensional looks to its screen compass. This app provides easy usage for directions navigation. The interesting part is that you have no need to hold your screen straight on a flat surface as it will provide the same coordinates and will work as good as holding the mobile parallel to the ground. For accuracy, this application uses magnetometer so as to eliminate the effects of any other magnetic fields.

best compass app

Digital Field Compass(Download here)

This one of the top 7 best compass app gives the accurate readings and coordinates. Its user face is interactive but yet very simple and it takes and stores bearings. This compass reflects the headings in degrees. It provides all the necessary information the home screen itself of the app.

best compass app

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Digital Compass(Download here)

This one of the best compass app comes with a pure black background that increases the aesthetics of the app and is very sober and also simple to use. It has easy settings. It has very less information to follow but is precise. As the application is free it comes with a lot of ads popping up. But for this, it also has its own pro version. The limitation of the free version is that it does not support the map feature. It also has an easy option for calibration if ever your compass gets lost or stuck anywhere by chance. The pro versio0n of this application duly supports longitudes, latitudes, full-screen maps, magnetic fields, and strength etc.

AndroiTS Compass(Download here)

This one of the best compass app comes with a digital console and undoubtedely resembles a swiss army watch usability. This one of the best compass app shows options like location, position, and even a camera option for scanning the terrain where you are. You can change the color of the dial, background and also allows the user to share his/her location on the google maps. Its dial moves as per the movement of the user.This makes this one of th ebest compass app 

best compass app

Ending words

This was the list of top 7 best compass app that any one (professional or amateur)can use perfectly. This piece of technology is a must-have a component which can even define life or death. We hope you must have gained some super interesting information on this topic(7 Best Compass App). If you have ever used any one of these best compass app then comment down in the comment section your experience with it.

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