Best Bike Accessories For Cyclists [2018]

best bike accessories

Best Bike Accessories And Cycling Gadgets:-

You are a cycling freak? if you are then you ought to know what are some of the best bikes accessories 2018 for commuting [2018] and technologies available for you guys which can help you make your ride safer, faster, longer, and have more fun doing it. Longevity in every sport is a must and it becomes much more essential of a demand when we talk about cycling and biking as it is a very demanding sport. for convenience and safety, there are a lot of cycling gadgets all around.

So to enjoy and get the most out of every session of a cycling tour whether it is with friends, a solo ride uphill or town riding, best cycling gadgets, best bike accessories, and technology is absolutely essential to use. The riding technology comes in various sections such as video framing, safety, real-time and GPS tracking, Apps, Bluetooth technology, voice recognition etc.



Some Key Benefits Of Cycling For Individual Health:-

  •  The best option to improve cardiovascular strength, increase bone density, reduce the chances of various bone structural problems.
  • Increase stamina and endurance of the body in a safer way than running just like swimming.
  • Less angry knees due to ease of postural exposure.
  • The best exercise to behold longevity.



Few Features Of Best Bike Accessories And Gadgets:-

  • Best bike accessories and technologies help give you a smooth, faster and safer cycle experience every time you use them.
  • Track speed, cadence, distance, etc to give you more out of every leg press and pull.
  • Providing safety while riding.
  • Tracking your distance.
  • GPS sensing and real-time tracking for your rides.
  • Instant heart and pulse rate tracking.
  • On route voice dialing system.

The riding technology helps you train in various different zones to hit your targets efficiently. from heart monitoring devices to speed calculating power meters – these below given are the best riding and cycling gadgets and technologies available for the rider to get the best riding experience. As there are a lot of cycling gadgets out there we simplify the work by providing top 20 of them.



List Of Top 20 Best Bike Accessories, Gadgets, And Technology:-


Application:- Starva(Running And Cycling Computer):-

First in the list of best bike accessories is obviously the best “STARVA”.Starva is a really great and efficient app to track and analyze every aspect of your activity with the help of your phone or GPS watch sensors that let you track perfectly. It has the largest athletic community around the world. Allows tracking your favorite performance stats and deep data performance. This app also acts as a social network for athletes where your friends and followers can share their own races and workout appreciate your performance and leaves the comment after each others activity. This app is available for both iOS and Android. It tracks your cadence, heart rate and power and other more metrics such as speed and distance calculating.

few more important benefits of starva:-

  1. Share your real-time location with friends, family etc.
  2. Allows to attach photos and captions to an activity and share it with your friends.
  3. Explore new routes and also compete with the global athletic community.
  4. Find adventuress routes for you as per your demand and allow you to upload that route to your phone or GPS to facilitate easier navigation.


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Blaze Laser Light:-

Night riding can be very dangerous especially when you do not have the right equipment and best bike accessories with you to take help of whenever required at the appropriate time. lights are a great way to let the passersby know that you are there and eliminate your risk of accidents whenever possible. after all, technology is to protect the riders in the night especially on the late Friday nights. This cycling gadget is very useful at nights.light is extremely useful as what it does is that it projects a laser bike outline that literally shows up under the headlights and even under street lamps, helping you to be safe by encouraging a safe and secure distance between you and other vehicles.hence it is a fairly nice tool to land your hands on for your night riding gear.



Fizik R1B cycling shoes:-

This is counted among the top class cycling shoes with features like simple, comfortable and curvy design with small holes for proper ventilation and for the sophisticated look, it has Boa Dials in these cycling shoes. these Boa Dials are very comfortable providing ability to adjust the heel cups in these cycling shoes and around the forefoot for better strength and power transfer and comfort. Hence this pair of cycling shoes is a must for all cycling lovers. There are more uncountable features and choices for these cycling shoes and more. check out here .




This is the best bike accessories for bikers.tracking apps, fancy laser projector lights and what else best bike accessories can a rider have something shiny and light. well, revolights are a great lighting system with 360 visibility, stylish headlights, smart breaking lights, turn signal lights and a revolt app. Generally, traditional bike lights focus on forwarding path lighting consisting of a small LED red lights that provide little or no side visibility for the cyclist. This can be very dangerous and leave rider vulnerable. So to overcome this problem this lighting system comes with 360-degree visibility with functional brake lights and better side visibility.



LINKA smart bike lock:-

This technology is one of the best bike accessories that comes with advanced theft and GPS tracking. with it, you can track your stolen bike, and track its location with a minimum of the 3m range of accuracy.

important features:-

  1. Keyless access from your smartphones.
  2. Automatic unlocking with the help of artificial intelligence.
  3. Recognize you when you approach and unlocks automatically.
  4. Strong and very durable with 9mm hardened steel ring locking the bike firmly in place.
  5. Superb battery life: lasts up to 2.5 years and is charged in less than 3 hours with pogo charger.


best bike accessories


coros Omni:-

With growing smarter technology and cycling gadgets, this piece of technology and best bike accessories is not an exception. helmets are getting smarter and smarter not only for protecting your skull from injuries but also to perform more of advanced performing such as taking calls, listening songs etc. this new helmet (debuted in 2016) is very attractive and extremely portable and functional.

important features:-

  1. Transducers help to transmit audio and still hear environmental sounds to enjoy nature rides.
  2. Listen to music, pick calls, receive notifications, etc.
  3. Comes with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth system to make and receive calls.
  4. Handlebar remote helps to control various of the functions.
  5. The smart crash sensor which when triggered send a message to the designated contacts with the location.


best bike ccessories


solos smart cycling glasses:-

This pair of eyes wears works on Heads Up Display technology which allows you to look at your ride stats without looking down at a handlebar mounted track monitor. its light and very good looking with a built-in speaker system for audio prompts and also pairs with Bluetooth and ANT+.The hud is small and does not acquire the entire google space and does not intrude drivers vision. this is undoubtedly the best bike accessories available in the market.


best bike accessories

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suunto spartan sports wrist HR/Baro:-

This solid tracking and navigating watch is very nice for all the cycling and its lifestyles lovers. this multi-sports watch has various features including heart rate monitoring, with barometric altimeter precision, 10 hours battery life, color touch screen, 100m water resistance, push alerts and notifications from smartphones.



My Lifter (Garage Smart):-

Storing your riding essentials in the garage without cluttering it can be a great challenge and time to consume. but with this gadget hung on your wall ceiling can help you save your time. with a press of a button you can bring it down and it is controlled by myLIFTER is capable of lifting up to 100 pounds of weight. this tool offers many options and attachments for my LIFTER to hang single and multi-bike is further connectable with another additional garage smart ceiling gadgets like fans, speakers, etc.


best bike accessories


Smart Pedal:-

This distance and track router is the best bike accessories and is an efficient device that you must catch hold of.its is a GPS device but fitted on the foot of the pedal with active sensors that activate when the paddling motion begins and begin tracking and recording the bike’s route. Provides the ease of not carrying your other GPS trackers everywhere you go as you carry a self-built in GPS tracker and router under your foot. Your data is contained within the pedal so do not have to record it anywhere else on your devices. the best part is that you don’t need to charge the pedal because it extracts the energy from all the power of your motion of pedaling.


best bike accessories


Garmin Edge 1030 (Cycle Computer):-

This is the best cycle computer for your cycle to track cadence, heart rate, accurate GPS and other tracking metrics. Its been the king of biking computer and is the ultimate tracking machine and cadence sensors and riders can even control their bike lights with this gadget. But it is not cheap and this Garmin connect isn’t for can connect the starva app for route and lap can see your smartphone notifications on the screen. The best thing is that there’s rider to rider messaging with other riders using the same comes with 20 hours battery life with a 3.5-inch color also calculate that how factors such as weight and power that affects your race time.



Modern Saddle Bag For Cycling:-

Best cyclists carry best bike accessories carry and saddlebags with them. This piece of art combined with multi-functionality is a solid choice to carry your go to go accessories where ever you take your cycle.I t is made up of classic leather styling paying tribute to old barrels that st. Bernard mountain dogs used to carry. This bag has a waterproof finish to keep your things and belongings very safe and even dry in any weather.



Bike Hanger(Wall Mounted Hanger):-

This wall mounted cycle hanger (cactus tongue)with curved stainless steel and with the elegant handmade leather finish this comes in various solves all your bike storage problems very easily and it’s very easy to install, suitable for most of the cycles and bikes and easy to is a part of best bike accessories that every biker must have in their garage.


best bike accessories



Unique Bike Bell(Oi):-

This unique bike bell fits around your cycle bar as a bracelet and is aesthetically very pleasing and interesting. Its size and 5 more different looks give a real aesthetic look to your bike and it’s from the brand naming Knog .



Bike(Bicycles) Lights:-

Developed in cooperation with KiBiSi in Denmark, relight GO provides clever functionality with a very sleek and compact design. it has been inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. these small and beautiful bike lights are very easily mountable on the handlebar due to the magnetic power system, and turn on itself whenever it is connected to its magnetic base.the magnetic base remains permanently attached to the bicycle.


best bike accessories


Mini Pump:-

This well designed extremely light Ninja Pump is extremely portable and provides easy accessibility.Nothing worse than a flat tire when on a ride and it can cost a lot of time and energy but with this Ninja pump its super easy to treat that anywhere .so make sure to add this best biking accessory and tiny gadget to your biking accessories arsenal.



Bike Cover (Water Proof):-

A high quality and rain protectable waterproof bike cover are essential for every biker, especially while traveling on the terrains where you may expect rainfall.this is the best biking accessory one must have to keep your bicycle in good condition. Bike Parka is a must have for every bike lover and its the best available in the is made from premium polyester, adjustable and sleek design to keep your bicycle snug clean and dry.its urban also comes with bike locking system that means you can lock it with your bike.


best bike accessories


Cycling Gloves(High Tech)

This turn signal glove is a highly technical cycling glove. It comes with 54 lumen LEDs, a microprocessor and advanced sensors. It has no competition for its functionality, quality, and fashion. “Its the greatest gift to all cyclists since the helmet”. this award-winning glove has comfortable leather palms and a built-in battery.


best bike accessories


Juboury’s hydration backpack(durable):-

This Juboury’s hydration backpack is a part of best bike accessories and a perfect choice for all kind of adventure activities like cycling to hiking to very long distance runs. Consisting of 2-liter water bladder and convenient compartments for storage is a great value provider for your money.


best bike accessories


 cycling jacket

This Visijax commute jacket is the part of best bike accessories which makes sure that you will never get unnoticed on the roads by comes with 23 integrated HI LED’s with motion controlled turn indicators on the is made up of light breathable fabric with a USB rechargeable lithium battery. it is rain – resistant and comes in black and neon yellow color.


We hope you like the list of top 20 best bike accessories, biking gadgets, and accessories.we will keep bringing more informative articles on regular basis. stay tuned and discuss your queries (if any) in the help box. comment if you find this brief article informative.




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