Court’s Full Verdict Out for Ayodhya Land Case: Everything You Want To Know

Ayodhya Case

The Supreme Court has given possession of the disputed land in Ayodhya to the Government Trust to build a temple, and in a ‘prominent’ place in this holy city of Uttar Pradesh, giving a historic verdict in the case of decades-old case. Almost everyone’s eye was stuck on today’s hearing. The land will also be allocated for the construction of the mosque. In this case, Ramlala has been given the ownership of 2.77 acres of land as a result of the petitioner Lord Ramchandra.

The Sunni Waqf Board will be given a ‘suitable’ plot of five acres of land for the construction of the new mosque. The justices said that it was necessary to do so, because ‘it is also the responsibility of the court to ensure that the mistakes made are rectified’. The court also said that ‘tolerance and mutual co-existence reinforce the secular commitment of our country and its people …’ The court said that trust or board should be formed by the government within three months for the construction of the temple.

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