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AB Whatsapp

Best messenger and media sharing platform”Whatsapp”.In today’s world its hard now to imagine life without WhatsApp because, among all the messenger and media sharing application, it is one of the most widely used and most interactive software out there. There is no denying about it. With this popularity of Whatsapp there comes a great responsibility for it to bring more and more new features on the table for its users. So in this post, we will be telling you about AB Whatsapp.

These Whatsapp mods are available to serve your purpose. If you want to have million more features and better interface than normal whatsapp then Whatsapp mods apks are the best option for all of you. Enjoy much better features than official whatsapp with these whatsapp mods.

Different Mods Of Whatsapp:-

  1. GB Whatsapp
  2. Yo Whatsapp
  3. MZ Whatsapp
  4. AB Whatsapp
  5. AB Whatsapp Plus
  6. Whatsapp Plus
  7. AL Whatsapp
  8. AS Whatsapp
  9. AZ Whatsapp
  10. And still counting.

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With so many varieties of whatsapp available for you to use it is quite difficult to choose one of them as most of them have entirely same functions, features, and usability. Hence we provide all the required information that you may need as a user to choose which Whatsapp APK mode you should choose.

What Will You Learn Inside?

  1. What is AB Whatsapp?
  2. It’s features.
  3. Important points to note.
  4. where to download it from?
  5. How to install and download it.
  6. Terminating words.

What Is AB Whatsapp?

AB Whatsapp is a whatsapp mod out of soo many whatsapp mods available out there. This mod has more features and better user ability with more decent appearance than official whatsapp. This whatsapp apk mod gives more features, better usability and better experience than the normal whatsapp. Once you have used it you will never regret your decision. Have a look at the features given below.




17 Dynamic Features Of AB Whatsapp V5.60:-

  • The new base was updated to 2.18.327
  • Use 2 accounts just like any other mod.
  • Do not get banned while using 2 accounts.
  • Change the style of ticks.
  • Customize your own theme.
  • You can unlock pin chats.
  • This apk give you the ability to pin more than 3 chats.
  • Choose from thousands of stickers.
  • You also get the Option to Block Calls either with or if you wish, without Showing Ringing to Opposite Person.
  • It also provides increased forward limit for Indian users.
  • Added option for you to change the pattern of the hide chats.
  • Translation limit is exceeded to 550 characters.
  • More modifies and enabled group call system.
  • Provide whatsapp lock through pin or passcode.
  • New added themes to choose from.
  • But only fixed searches from the themes.

Important Points To Note:-

  1. If you do not see the pin option then just clear your theme and then load it again.
  2. The developer has cleaned many codes in order to make the apk run fast and smooth enough.

Download 3 AB Whatsapp APK mods From The Given Below Links:

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How To Install And Download The ABWhatsapp APK Mod To Your Android Device.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the apk

Step 2:- After finish downloading install it on your device and open the ab whatsapp apk.

Step 3:- Provide your number for verification.


AB Whatsapp


Step 4:- Choose the country and enter your phone number. You will get an OTP to verify your android device. You have successfully installed ab Whatsapp after OTP verification.


AB Whatsapp

Step 5:- You are done. enter your name and profile picture.

Step 6:- Then click on the 2 dots given in the right hand above the corner and click on AB Mods and you will find the number of different features provided by the latest version of ab Whatsapp.


AB Whatsapp

Terminating Words:

You will find these mods rather more benificial than the normal whatsapp due to its inefficiency to provide its users with more features. If you have ever used any of these mods before or still using it, comment down your experience below in the comment section and share your thoughts about this mod to.


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